Anti Glare Glasses benefits

In this article we talk about anti glare lenses for glasses, explain the benefits, and whether we need them in our lives.

You are buying a new pair of glasses for yourself, when suddenly the optician asks you “Would you like anti-glare lenses?”. And you go “What?”. And then they say something you don’t quite understand in the moment, but apparently it just doubled your bill. Did you make the right call?

What are Anti Glare Lenses

First we need to understand what glare is.

What is glare?

In general glare is the kind of light from a bright object shines at you, causing you to squint your eyes. Its a totally normal thing. However, glare is more problematic for people who wear glasses, as light passes through the lenses before reaching their eyes. Due to the lens being made of plastic and forming a type of barrier between you and the light, the light will slightly disperse and appear brighter than it actually is. This will cause you to squint more than a normal non-glasses wearing person would.

Glare becomes an annoying problem at night time when we are dealing with all sorts of illuminated objects. Driving is especially difficult when the headlights of the oncoming traffic shines in your eyes and forces you to squint to see anything.

This is where Glare free lenses save the day. Or the night.

What are anti glare lenses

These are lenses for your glasses either made of a special material or coated with a special film that prevents the dispersion of light and therefore the glare problem we just talked about. They allow you to look at relatively bright objects like a normal person, without the squint, and make the world appear more natural through your glasses. There are obvious benefits here with anti glare glasses.

Is it good to use anti glare glasses?

Yes. They make your viewing experience a whole lot more comfortable than the standard lenses do. Long term usage of the standard lenses would mean that you would be squinting your eyes almost all the time, causing strain on your eye muscles, and causing strain on your eyes themselves. And then you may need a stronger prescription. How bad is your eye prescription right now?

So the next time you go buy a pair of glasses, always ask your optician to fit your frames with anti-glare lenses.

Why are anti glare glasses expensive

I do not know. Apparently anything that adds value to your health and comfort is expensive. How much do anti-glare lenses cost at your local optical retailer?