Book Review: Art of of the Deal by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz

Book Review: Art of of the Deal by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz

If you believe in Walt Disney’s motto of “reaching for the stars and following your dreams”, then Donald Trump’s accounts narrated in Art of the Deal will resonate with this thinking. The book is a collection of uplifting and moral boosting anecdotes of his large scale ventures of real estate development projects in USA mainly with NYC, Atlantic City (NJ) as well as other business ventures covering a span of a little more than a decade beginning with 1975 and ending in 1987.

Starting with apprenticeship under his father in low and middle income housing in outer boroughs of New York City and other places and building on his experience, Trump enters the world of upscale living in Manhattan of the mid seventies era. At the age of 30 he conceptualizes and pursues large scale projects at prime locations against all odds and obstacles. These iconic developments and landmarks capture the limitless powers of human imagination, creativity, and determination to make happen with perseverance and leadership qualities.

Beginning with a glimpse into a typical week and activities concerning each of the ventures most of which appear to be happening in the same timeframe, the book is divided into some 15 chapters providing a detailed account of one or more more of the ventures from its conception to ( successful) conclusion . Each story offers an exciting narration of his vision, determination, persistence and utmost belief in himself and gut instincts. At the same time it offers an insight into the challenges and obstacles faced on many fronts in obtaining approvals from city authorities licensing and forging alliances.

Apart from the art of multimillion dollar deals of of a developer each story fascinates the reader with the level of energy and enthusiasm in his drive to pursue his ambitions and make happen within the set timeframe and budget.

In reading these stories one may get a sense of him as being the right person in the right place at the right time and simply having lucky stars but the role of leadership and love of doing what you do are the key takes from the book. After he was elected as the President he said in response to a question…”I love what I do” and in the book he made it clear that more than monetary gain he loves to play the game….

The book is for everyone an$ especially for those who think they are losers….If you are feeling down and demoralized this reading will inject positivity and energy to reach for the stars, take on multiple tasks, welcome challenges and having fun doing for the love of doing….

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