Boston’s Sporting Hub: Top-Rated Sports Stores

Boston hosts a variety of top-rated sports stores that cater to athletes, fans, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In this guide, we’ll explore the diverse range of sports stores, each with its unique offerings and specialties. Find a sports store near you today.

Brave Sportzwear

  • Google Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 361 Newbury St Floor 5, Boston
  • Brave Sportzwear leads the pack with a perfect 5-star rating. Located on Newbury Street, this store is a haven for sports enthusiasts seeking high-quality athletic wear. Dive into a world of comfort and style with Brave Sportzwear.


  • Google Rating: N/A stars
  • Address: 30 Newbury St, Boston
  • GearSay adds an element of mystery with no Google rating. Nestled on Newbury Street, this store invites you to explore its offerings and discover unique sports gear that aligns with your passion.

SDX Sports

  • Google Rating: N/A stars
  • Address: 17 Melvin St, Somerville
  • A hidden gem in Somerville, SDX Sports awaits exploration with no Google rating. Specializing in sports equipment, this store is an ideal destination for those seeking personalized service and a curated selection of gear.

Chelsea Sporting Goods

  • Google Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 27A Williams St, Chelsea
  • Chelsea Sporting Goods boasts a perfect 5-star rating, offering a variety of sports gear in the heart of Chelsea. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, this store provides top-notch equipment for all your sporting needs.

Best Marine & Outdoors

  • Google Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 100 Cambridge St, Boston
  • Best Marine & Outdoors, with a 3-star rating, is a go-to spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Located on Cambridge Street, this store provides a diverse range of marine and outdoor gear for those looking to explore Boston’s waterways and natural landscapes.

I Love Boston Sports

  • Google Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Address: 1 N. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Suite 370, Boston
  • With an impressive 4.9-star rating, I Love Boston Sports captures the essence of local sports fandom. Situated in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, this store offers unique and spirited sports merchandise for fans who truly love Boston sports.

HDO Sport

  • Google Rating: 3.6 stars
  • Address: 50 Terminal St Building 2 Unit 420, Charlestown
  • HDO Sport, located in Charlestown, earns a commendable 3.6-star rating. Specializing in outdoor and sports equipment, this store caters to the needs of adventurers and athletes looking for reliable gear.

Global Athletics & Marketing

  • Google Rating: 1 star
  • Address: Boston
  • While holding a 1-star rating, Global Athletics & Marketing remains an intriguing destination in Boston. Explore this store for a unique perspective on sports equipment and marketing within the athletic community.

Promo Lacrosse LLC

  • Google Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 243 Charles St, Boston
  • Promo Lacrosse LLC shines with a perfect 5-star rating, specializing in lacrosse gear. Located on Charles Street, this store ensures lacrosse enthusiasts have access to top-notch equipment for their passion.

NE Sportswear

  • Google Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 1 S Market St, Boston
  • Closing our list with another 5-star rating, NE Sportswear is a reliable choice for sports apparel. Situated on Market Street, this store caters to Bostonians seeking high-quality sportswear for an active lifestyle.

Embark on a journey through Boston’s sporting landscape, exploring these top-rated sports stores that reflect the city’s diverse and passionate sports culture. Whether you’re gearing up for a game, embracing outdoor adventures, or expressing your love for Boston sports, these stores have something for everyone.

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