Certified True Copy SECP

During the course of your company formation and growth, you will often require Certified True Copies of your SECP registered Company Documents. You will need these for a variety of reasons, such as obtaining a corporate bank account, a paid up capital certificate, or registering with a regulatory body such as the Chamber of Commerce and Pakistan Engineering Council.

A Certified True Copy (CTC), as its name suggests, is a copy of an official document that has been certified to be true. A CTC from SECP is a document that has been certified by the SECP itself to be valid. In Pakistan, one way to certify a document informally to get it attested by a government officer being of grade 17 or above. Their signature and stamp bearing their name, designation, and department signifies they are vouching for your documents’ validity (As if someone will come after them in case it isn’t.)

Similarly, a Certified True Copy by the SECP of a document bears the stamp of the SECP and signature of the registrar, or deputy registrar, or assistant registrar, or assistant deputy registrar, or some other variation of those. It will also have the official stamp of the Company registration office that indicates which city the company is registered in. Example stamps for a CTC are shown below..

Procedure for Obtaining Certified True Copy from SECP

Log into your SECP Account and login to the company you want the CTC for from the User Company List

On the left side, click on the tab labelled “Processes List”. The Process Listing may already by presented to you when you log into the company

In the List of Available Processes, click on the “Certified True Copy” option. You will be taken to a form that displays your company name, its incorporation number, and date of incorporation.

Certified True Copy SECP

Below that is a field for selecting mode of payment, with a drop down menu showing:

  • Bank Challan
  • Credit Card, and
  • ADC/ePayment

Click here to learn about the different modes of payment for SECP.

After selecting your mode of payment, the next section is the Form Names section, which contains a drop down list for the all the documents you want a CTC for along with the price of the document. These range from 100 Rupees to 250 Rupees per document/copy.

As an example, we will obtain a certified true copy of the company’s Memorandum and Article of Association, which has a cost of 250 rupees.

CTC SECP Proccess

Each selected document will appear in the In the Form List section below. Note that the Number of Copies field is editable in case you want more than 1 copy.

If you have any specific requirements for your CTC, you can specify it in the description field below.

The final field is for entering your email address. It is preferable to use the email address that is registered with your SECP account.

The final step is a signatory section where you can select the name of the authorized chief executive or director/subscriber. Their CNIC and passport details will automatically be populated upon selection.

Click Continue to go to the next step.

A page showing “Process Document Listing” will appear that has the following actions:

Update Forms Data

Nothing to do here. Clicking this will take you back to the previous form where you selected your desired CTCs

View Certified True Copy Main Process Form

Clicking this will open a form that summarizes your CTC request. You have to click the save/close button to confirm that you have viewed it.

Update Attachment of Certified True Copy

If the Certified True Copy requires an attachment it can be entered here. If there is nothing to attached, click the Save/Close button.

Update Bank Challan Form

Here you can view your bill for the monies to be paid for obtaining the certified true copy. Depending on your payment method, you can either print this, save as a pdf by clicking the print for button, or just click save and close for the final step. Click here to learn how to print a document you pdf on an iphone or ipad.

Sign forms

This section shows you a summary of the process you are about to submit. Simply enter your PIN, click apply, and then click ‘submit process SECP”


After submitting the process, you would have some 2 weeks to pay the processing fee that was written on the Challan form. When you click Online Payment or ePayment from the left menu, you will see the amount to be paid and some fields for your payment information. Pay via credit card or any other method.

Email from SECP

After completing the above steps for obtaining your Certified True Copy, you will receive an email from SECP saying that your request has been accepted. This means everything went okay.

Go pick up your Certified True Copy from the SECP Office

Within a few days, or even the next day, you can walk over to the SECP office of the city your company is registered in and tell them you are here to pick up your Certified true copy. Keep your ID Card with you and have that email ready on your phone. They will ask you for the full legal name of your corporation and incorporation number. If your Certified True Copy is ready, which it should be, they will just give it you. You may have to sign a receipt for their records.

All Done.

Other Advice about SECP Certified True Copies

Once you have obtained your set of Certified true copies, it is recommended to make several photocopies of these and keep for future use. Many offices accept photocopies of your certified true copies without being picky about blue ink stamps or penned signatures.

Now you can also obtain digital certified true copies of your documents from the SECP portal. Find this process and follow the straightforward steps just like how it was done in this post. It may save you a trip to the SECP office and you can get your documents in your email.

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