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Thank you for checking out our document editing services.

If your documents require proofreading, editing, formatting, compilation or any other type of enhancement, you are in good hands. We offer that second set of eyes to analyze and refine your written work to make sure your efforts bring out your desired results.

What we do

Written communication is a fundamental of the business world and makes all the difference in your image as a professional service provider. While your message must be clear, concise, and comprehensive, it is equally important that your readers can understand what you are telling them through your words, paragraphs, and illustrations.

document editing services
Transform your documents with our professional editing services

Whether you have drafted a technical report, an influential article, a persuasive letter, or even a personal resume, we will thoroughly assess it and make all the necessary edits to ensure clarity of information and presentation. The nature of edits include but are not limited to:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
  • Rephrasing sentences;
  • Enhancing vocabulary;
  • Restructuring paragraphs and flow of information;
  • Adding or deleting content as necessary;
  • Adjusting document fonts, layout, and format;
  • Coding document navigation elements (Table of Contents, captions, citations etc.), to automatically update; and
  • Compilation into reader friendly formats such as .doc .pdf .rtf or even as a webpage.

Why choose our document editing services

We provide unparalleled editing services with confidence in our ability to write well. We are experts in the English language and have advanced skills in a variety of word processing software.

document proofreading services
Proofreading Services

Furthermore, our qualifications and experiences in a range of public and private organizations have seasoned our writing skills and knowledge of the business requirements of several industries.

How it works

Send us your document in an editable format at our email address for us to begin our assessment.

You may also call us at +92 320 470 6267 or come meet us at our office in DHA Phase 5 to discuss your requirements.

We will return an edited version to you via email or downloadable link in a format of your choice within an agreed upon timeframe.


The price of services depend on the nature of the document and the extent of editing services involved. We will however give you a quote upon an initial assessment of your document.

Some standard items listed below have the following prices:

Resumes and CVs: 15,000 Rs/-

Cover Letters: 2,000 Rs/-

Company Brochures: 10,000 Rs/-

Contact us for more information

Phone: +92 320 470 6267


Office: DHA Phase 5

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