Fall Asleep Instantly

Here you are again, browsing for a way to fall asleep right now but instead coming across pages telling you what you should have done in your life instead of what you need to do at this moment.

When you have been lying in your bed wide awake for hours past midnight, the last piece of advice you need is ‘wake up earlier’. I understand how annoying it is to go through those pages. Another one of my favorites is ‘avoid taking naps throughout the day’. And then there are those who say ‘develop a bedtime routine’, exercise during the day’, ‘read a book’ and other suggestions that don’t actually help right now.

You may have come across the military sleep technique where you imagine yourself on a boat or something staring into the sky and that whole breath in through nose exhale through mouth. If you’re here it means that didn’t work either. I feel your pain.

And then there are those white noise and ASMR videos on youtube that claim will help you pass out. Okay, but what about all that noise inside your head???

By the way, Reading a book, is a terrible way to make yourself fall asleep. Books are interesting and can keep you engaged for longer than you know it. So I would not recommend that at all. Okay enough ranting. Lets try to sleep.

In this post we will fall asleep right now.

How to fall asleep right now

Such a basic function of the human body has become so difficult to perform due to active minds, high energy levels, and these damn cellphones. It also maddening when someone says “oh i just fall asleep the moment my head touches the pillow”. You just want to punch them.

Okay so, here’s what you need to do after reading this:

  1. Set your morning alarm on at full blast because when we finally sleep after much struggle, we sleep really deep. When its wake up time, our bodies and brains are so dead we cannot even hear the alarm.
  2. Put away your phone, and promise you will not touch it. That screen light and consumption of information messes with your brain’s activity level. Just like how reading a book keeps your brain active, so does your stupid phone.
  3. Now lie into your favorite sleep position. I like to lay on my back like a vampire, even though I somehow wake up on my stomach.
  4. If you need to scratch an itch or adjust your clothing, do it now. No chances later. So far so good. Now for the hard part.
  5. Stay……….
  6. Stay……
  7. Don’t you dare move.
  8. Hold your position with your eyes closed for as long as it takes. If you plan to be asleep for 2, 6, 8, or however many hours, then what is a few minutes of staying still in your comfortable position?
  9. If your brain is active with stress, ideas, memories, fantasies, let it be. Your eyes are closed, your body is still, you are just as good as dreaming. If you are not getting the mental rest from this sleep, at least your body is getting its physical recovery

Why this helps you sleep

When laying still for so long, your body will think its asleep, and might tell your brain to shut up as well. By doing this, you are putting yourself into sleep mode whether you are sleepy or not. Sleep is not something that you become aware of when it happens. It just happens. In this case, it will also just happen and next you will remember is a weird vivid dream and the sound of your alarm.

Stay still and have a good night.

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