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Beyond nothing .com provides some unique blog content for people who use glasses and contacts. The astigmatism to regular contacts prescription calculator is one of such tools by beyond nothing .com that has help many get around the issue of buying astigmatism contacts online. There are several other posts concerning glasses wearers that provide insight on various issues, and more content will be posted in due course.

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  • Anti Glare Lenses
    You are buying a new pair of glasses for yourself, when suddenly the optician asks you “Would you like anti-glare lenses?”. And you go “What?”. And then they say something you don’t quite understand in the moment, but apparently it just doubled your bill. Did you make the right call? In this article we talk …
  • Oversized Rimless Glasses
    We designed a pair of glasses like no other. These are large, oversized, rimless glasses. You may have seen oversized sunglasses before, and large prescription glasses, but never have you seen rimless or frameless glasses with overly large lenses. They have a retro yet sophisticated look to them. And while the frame itself is discrete, …
  • Prescription Squash Glasses
    Squash Glasses are a necessary evil for all squash players. For those under 19 and university students in North America, they are mandatory. And for good reason too; getting hit by a squash ball or a racket in the eye can cause serious damage. After someone crosses 19 however, this squash glasses rule is lifted. …
  • Using a TV Screen as a Monitor
    If you are considering using a TV screen as a computer monitor, you should be aware that TVs and monitors have been designed for different purposes. TV Screens vs Computer Monitors TVs are designed for viewing experiences and therefore can be super bright and full of vibrant colors. Computer monitors on the other hand are …
  • Should I get eye surgery?
    Getting eye surgery should be an informed decision. Read here to learn the pros and cons of eye surgery to decide if you should go for it.
  • Daily disposable vs monthly contact lenses
    Monthly and daily disposable contact lenses are the two main types of contacts available in the market . Also known as monthlies and dailies. As their names suggest, monthly contacts are those which can be worn from 1-12 months, while daily contacts are good for only one wear. Monthly Contact Lenses Monthlies come in varieties …
  • can i wear normal contacts with astigmatism
    There are normal people who wear contact lenses, and then there are those who have astigmatism and also wear contacts. Being a person with astigmatism, I too struggled with finding a pair of daily disposable contact lenses for my eyes. Always consult a medical professional before following random stuff you find on the internet. It …
  • Convert astigmatism into normal contact lenses
    Many people who want to wear contacts wonder if they can wear normal contact lenses with astigmatism. The answer is yes, but there is a simple math formula involved to convert your astigmatism prescription into a normal prescription equivalent. If you haven’t read why you CAN wear normal contacts with astigmatism, then I recommend going …

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