Does honey and cinnamon tea help you lose weight

You may have come across several websites and videos telling you that drinking a warm cup of honey and cinnamon tea has rapid weight loss effects. If you think this is another one of such websites, you are wrong. Because I am here to tell you that not everything being parroted around the internet is correct. And this is one such example.

This combination of Honey and cinnamon has become increasingly popular lately, especially due to all these influencers claiming that it has quick results. They further lie by throwing the word metabolism at you. “It increases your metabolism and burns the fat in your body away!”. No, it doesn’t.

The truth about honey and cinnamon

What they are correct in is how the tea is prepared. A tablespoon or two of honey stirred into a very warm, NOT HOT, cup of water along with a tea spoon of ground cinnamon. Do not use boiling hot water for this drink since such heat will break down the honey and you wont get any of the actual benefits of honey.

honey and cinnamon tea
Preparing honey and cinnamon tea is fun

Is the hot cup of honey and cinnamon tea delicious? Yes it is. And that is why I drank a cup of it every night before going to bed for months. I found the idea of losing weight by just drinking a cup of this stuff to be fishy, so I decided to test it out.

After all those months, my weight remained unchanged. Does this mean it helps in maintaining your weight? No. Everything else you do in a day determines how much weight you put on and how much you lose. There is no magic pill or magic cup of tea that will just do this for you.


There is no harm in drinking a hot cup of honey and cinnamon tea. It may give you all the good benefits of honey and cinnamon, but certainly not burn your belly away. And its a delicious drink. I would recommend this for a relaxing evening or a social activity with someone. Squeeze a lemon into it as well for some tangyness. If you have a cold, this tea is soothing.

There is no secret to losing weight. It all there in front of you. Exercise, activity, and eating healthy. And playing squash. If you want to lose weight and get super fit in a short amount of time, play squash. And after a hard session of court training, smashing the ball around, and defeating your opponents, enjoy of warm cup of honey and cinnamon tea. Also, drinking lots of black coffee can help with weight loss when paired with all this other stuff. See how to brew coffee.

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