How to AirDrop from iPad to iPhone

This short post explains how to use AirDrop to share photos videos or any thing else from your iPad to iPhone. To learn how to AirDrop from iPhone to iPad, check out this article.

In this example, we will be sending an image of the beyond nothing logo from an iPad to and iPhone.

Step 1: Enable AirDrop on the receiving device.

As shown in the screenshot, the iphone’s AirDrop receiving is turned on from the control center and receiving from Everyone has been checked. The AirDrop symbol turns from grey to blue when its ON. Make sure you activate bluetooth and wifi as well.

Step 2: Open the share options on the sending device

Tap on the share icon from the options shown on with the image. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards and is usually located near the top right or bottom left corner.

One of the first options that show up in this menu is AirDrop, which either just looks like a bunch of circles or displays the nearest active device. Tap on it.

airdrop sharing ipad

Step 3: Tap on the iPhone from the AirDrop Menu

If the iphone that you want to share the image to shows up in this menu, tap on it to start sending it over.

airdrop ipad

Step 4: Accept the transfer on the iPhone

If you did everything correctly on the iPad, a preview of the file or image being shared will show up on the iPhone screen with an option to Accept or Decline the transfer. Tapping on decline and will cancel the transfer. Tapping on Accept will complete the transfer and save the image to the iPhone’s Camera Roll.

airdrop transfer iphone

Now both the iPhone and iPad have the beyond nothing logo on them.

how to use airdrop on iphone and ipad

This method works for not only photos but videos and other file types as well. In most cases, AirDrop happens instantly. AirDrop could however take a while to complete if a large number of files is being shared.

That was how to use AirDrop to share a file from an iPad to an iPhone. To lean how to do it the other way around, i.e. iPhone to iPad, check out this article.

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