How to jump start your car with jump starter kit

So you left your lights on and need to jump start your car because your battery is drained. Or, your car has been parked for a while and your ignition switch is doing nothing. Or, you haven’t topped up your battery water in a while and now its too weak to respond. In all these cases, you need a jump start.

What is jump starting

Jump starting your car is a processes in which you give your dead car battery the power it needs to turn the crank shaft and start your engine. Note this trick is normally for automatic transmission cars with and seldom used for manual transmission cars which can come alive with a “push start” technique. Click here to learn if putting your gear in neutral at red lights saves gas.

For the longest time, the only way to jump start your car was to bring in another functional car and some booster cables. Attach the booster cables from the dead battery to the live battery and turn the key. Your car starts, and the other car drives away. The issue with this method has always been either:

  • You have a second car, but no booster cables; or
  • You have booster cables, but no donor vehicle.

In this article, we discuss independent jump starting; a method where you can get your engine running with needing another car. No more being stranded till another car arrives.

Jump Starter Kit

You will need a jump starter kit. These are pretty cheap and available online. The kit itself comes with lots of useful items such as an air compressor, booster cables, phone charging cables, and a heavy duty power bank. The image below shows a typical jump starter kit with all its stuff. Check out this this article to learn how to use the air compressor for inflating your tires.

jump starter kit
Jump Start Kit

Using the jump start kit

Its quite simple. Just plug the booster cables into the battery pack at the port labeled “engine start”. See image below for reference.

booster cable with power bank
power bank with booster cables

Pop open your hood, and attach the booster cable clips to your car’s battery. The red cable is positive, so attach it to the positive terminal. The black cable is negative, then attach it to the negative terminal.

What happens if I attach the negative booster cable to the positive car battery terminal

If you attach the positive cable to the negative terminal and the negative terminal, there will not be an explosion. It simply will not give your battery the boost it needs and you may risk damaging some electrical components of your car. In this era where cars are loaded with sensors and electronics, try to not mix up the terminals and booster cables.

After attaching the cables to the correct terminals, turn on the battery pack using the on/off switch. The blue LEDs on the power bank will indicate that its on and how much power its carrying.

Now go to the driver seat and turn the ignition switch.If you did everything right, your car will start. Give it a light rev for mental comfort.

Once your car is started, disconnect the booster cables and pack everything away. Keep the jump starter kit in your car for any future situation and charge up the power bank from time to time to keep it ready for an emergency situation.

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