How to Register a Construction Firm in Pakistan

If you’re an entrepreneur or a seasoned professional in the engineering industry, establishing a contractor firm can be a rewarding venture. To ensure your contractor firm’s credibility and legal standing, registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a crucial step. The PEC is a regulatory body responsible for overseeing engineering practices in Pakistan and ensures that firms adhere to professional standards. In this post, we explain the categories, requirements, and documents necessary to register a construction company or consultant firm with the Pakistan Engineering Council.

How to Register a Construction Company with the Pakistan Engineering Council

Category Limits of PEC Contractors:

The PEC offers different categories of registration for engineering firms based on their experience, personnel, and capital. The contractor categories for PEC are listed below along with their minimum requirements and limitations:

PEC Contractor CategoryLimit of Construction Cost (million rupees)PEC Application Fees
C-ANo Limit400,000
C-BUp to 4000250,000
C-1Up to 2500150,000
C-2Up to 1000125,000
C-3Up to 50075,000
C-4Up to 20045,000
C-5Up to 6530,000
C-6Up to 2515,000
Contractor Categories and Construction Limits (Pakistan Engineering Council)

Details of experience requirements and Engineer Requirements can be found in this document. However, at minimum, there should be at least one Registered Engineer in the firm. This engineer may be the owner or an employee.

PEC Contractor Firm Registration Requirements

The requirements of registration has changed in recent times. In fact it has become easier than before to register a contractor firm with PEC through their new online registration portal.

Before initiating the registration process, ensure you have the following:

  • A firm registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  • Your CNIC
  • A company stamp.
  • Company Letterhead
  • A Business Bank Account
  • Account Maintenance Certificate with recent Bank statement. Can be obtained from your bank.
  • Certified True Copies of your SECP Registered Form:
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Article of Association
    • Form A and Form 29
    • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Signed Undertaking that all the details submitted in your application are legit. This can be printed on your own letterhead. The sample text for this is available on the application portal.
  • List of Equipment on your Letterhead
  • List of Employed Engineering Staff on your Letterhead
  • Organization chart on your letterhead
  • CV of the Engineer Registering the Firm
  • Application Fees

After having all the requisite documentation, you can go to the PEC online registration portal and make an account with your PEC number and your email id. After that you can navigate through the dashboard to start applying for a new contractor firm in your desired category.

The application wizard is easy and intuitive. You just have to enter your basic details and particulars related to your firm. You also have to select the relevant specialization codes for your firm. Make sure these specialization codes can be backed by your Engineer’s CV. A complete list of specialization is provided at the end of this document.

PEC Engineer Verification and Fee Payment

While most the contractor registration with PEC process is online, there are two steps that would require you to go outside:

  1. Verification of Engineers using Biometric: At some point will be required to attach an engineer to your organization using an e-sahulat biometric verification system. From the portal you will generate a PAC Number that the engineer would receive on their mobile number via SMS. The Engineer will then go to the nearest e-sahulat counter and will tell them “PEC Attachment”. The Biometric Administrator will open the relevant portal and take their finger prints. Validation of your engineers is necessary before you can submit your application. You can use the PEC Verification Portal for Engineers to make sure whoever you are hiring is PEC registered beforehand.
  2. Payment of Application Fees: Your last step in the application would be to pay the application fees corresponding to the category you are registering you firm in. First you generate the Challan from your application portal. Next, you go to an MCB bank and make the payment with whatever method you like. Save the portion of the Challan that says “PEC” on it for you will be uploading its picture to the application portal before you submit.

After successful submission, you will go into a review mode, where your application will be reviewed by the PEC approval committee. If there are any issues with your application, you will be notified via phone or email of any error you need to correct or additional document you need to upload.

Successful PEC Registration of Contractor Firm

After your successfully register your company with the Pakistan Engineer Council, you will receive your Construction license on a Fancy Security Paper at the address you provided in your Application.

When does a PEC Contractor or Construction Company License Expire

Every PEC Contractor’s License has to be renewed on the 30th of June of each year. This means that you should register your firm immediately after June 30th in order to avail maximum duration of validity for your license. Registering your firm on May 30th, would mean your firm will only be valid for 1 month before it has to be renewed again.