How to Start a Racket Stringing Business

On this page I will explain how you can start your own racket stringing business from scratch, and turn it into a successful venture. I went through this journey myself and my stringing service is now quite established. See for yourself. This guide may be specific to racket stringing, but to also contains lessons to start any kind of business really.

Starting a racket stringing business is a great idea for those who are passionate about sports such as tennis, squash, and badminton. If you play any of these, then you are already familiar with the struggles of getting your racket restrung. The big sporting stores unfortunately do ordinary work for the extraordinary money they charge, and take days to return your racket. They tell you that they are so busy and backed up with other customers, but more often than not, their part-time stringer hasn’t come to work in a while.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you have the power to provide a service that is much needed and will help many players like yourself get back on court.

Why is racket stringing a great business to start?

You are your own client

The best businesses are those that truly understand the needs of their clients. Since this is a service that you yourself require, you already know exactly how you want it; reliable, consistent, and fast. This fact alone will make you do your best to provide the kind of service that you want as a customer. For example, if you want a shop to be available for you whenever you break a string, consider being open 24 hours 7 days a week yourself.

Its a business that requires low investment

To start this business, all you need to purchase is a racket stringing machine, tools, and some strings. You do not need to hire anyone, advertise, or even pay rent as this is something you can do from home. Because the investment is so low, there isn’t much risk. If you are totally broke, even a microloan could get you started.

Your costs can be further reduced by purchasing a used stringing machine which has all the tools included. This is how I started my racket stringing business.

Its easy to do

Once you string your first racket, you will realize that it isn’t rocket science. And it will further infuriate you that the big sports store took 7 days to complete a straightforward 45 minute task.

Low competition

You yourself are going to the big sports store because you have nowhere else to go. That should sum up your competition.

Quick return on investment

Since your investment was so low to begin with, it wont be long till you recover all your money. Once you start getting customers and generating revenue, it will quickly add up. Cost management is important, but more on that later.

Always in demand

Strings break. Its a part of life. Even when they don’t break, people get their rackets restrung to improve their game all the time. As long as tennis, squash, badminton, and racket ball exist, you will be in business. I can’t imagine a world without all these sports disappearing at the same time.

You don’t necessarily have to service all the racket sports. You could just stick to your favorite and do really well with it. However, when you realize that there isn’t much difference between stringing a tennis racket and a squash racket, why not do both?


It might be a little early to discuss this, but as your revenue increases you will find yourself constantly trying to improve your service. You will always get calls about something you never thought of doing. “Do you sell rackets?” “Do you sell balls?”. Always keep note of such calls.

As your business grows you might upgrade your racket stringing machine, stock up on string varieties, and maybe even start selling rackets and balls.

How to Start a Racket Stringing Business

Here’s how its done.

Step 0: Decide to start a racket stringing business

This is the hardest step as it requires interest, courage, and determination. Once you successfully complete this step, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Buy a Racket Stringing Machine

First do your research about which machine to get, and take your time with this. This will be your main business investment and asset. Check out the feature below to explore the different types of racket stringing machines and decide which one is best for your purpose and budget.

Step 2: Buy at least two varieties of strings

Do your research about the most popular types of strings for the sport you intend to string for. For example, if you are into tennis, purchase some sets of monofilament strings and some of multifilament strings. To learn more about which tennis strings you should get to start with, click here. I have an article on this topic for squash as well.

Check out the beyond nothing online shop if you’re looking to buy some squash or tennis strings to get started with.

Start with two varieties, then add some more as you make sales to replenish your stock. Learn from your clients what they are looking for.

Racquet Stringing Business
Buy some strings to start with

I also keep a “Bring your own string” option for my customers.

Step 3: Learn how to String a Racket


Watch tutorials on YouTube

There is an infinite amount of material on YouTube to teach you how to string any kind of racket. Watch as much as you can since everyone has something new to offer. While you are watching, take out your own racket, cut out its strings like this, and follow along a tutorial you like.

String at least 3 rackets to get comfortable

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