How do you write alphabets on a calculator?

In this post we demonstrate how to write alphabets on the Fx-991ES PLUS and Fx-570MS calculator by Casio. Both calculators are very similar, except one is able to write more letters than the other. We will see this in more detail.

Write alphabets on Casio Calculator – Basic Technique

The general idea is to find which key, in combination with the ‘SHIFT’ or ‘ALPHA’ keys will produce the desired letter. If we look at the keypads of both calculators, we can see some characters written about the keys in either pink or yellow.

Put simply, those letters in pink will appear if the corresponding key is used with the alpha button. Similarly letters written in yellow appear when used with the shift key.

You do not need to hold the alpha or shift keys down will pressing the other button. Just a simple tap to active the shift or alpha mode is enough. At the top left of the screen you would see a [A] or [S] icon illuminate to indicate if you are in Alpha or Shift mode.

Lets look at a few examples and list out the required key combinations to write each letter of the alphabet on a Casio Calculator.

Key combinations for writing letters on Casio Calculators

A: ALPHA + (-)

B: ALPHA + °’”

C: ALPHA + hyp OR Shift + ‘Divide’ Button labeled nCr

D: ALPHA + sin

E: ALPHA + Cos.

e Lowercase: ALPHA + x10x or Exp

F: ALPHA + tan

f lowercase: Enter COMPLX mode with MODE + 2, then press SHIFT + 1 (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators)

G: SHIFT + 8. (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators)

H: Not available

I: SHIFT + ENG on Casio 991ES PLUS. On Casio fx-570MS enter COMPLX mode with MODE+ 2 and press SHIFT + ENG. Or you could just use 1 and I.

J: Not available. Could use the ) button if desperate.

K: SHIFT + 6. (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators)

L: Not available. Could use 1 as a lower case L.

M: ALPHA + ‘M+’. Alternatively can use SHIFT + 7 on a Casio fx-570MS Calculator

m Lower case: SHIFT + m (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators).

n: SHIFT + 3 (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators).

O: Just use the 0 button.

P: SHIFT + X (multiply button label nPr)

Lowercase p: SHIFT + 2 (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators)..

Q: Not Available

R: the π symbol can work as a cursive lowercase r. Available at SHIFT + EXP or SHIFT + x10x

S: Use the 5 key.

T: SHIFT + 9 (Only on Casio fx-570MS Calculators).

U: Not available

V: Not available

W: Not Available

X: ALPHA + ) or use the Multiply key

Y: ALPHA + ,

Z: Use the 2 key as a Z

And that’s how we write letters on Casio Calculators.

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