indoctrinate death lyrics

Lyrics for the death metal song indoctrinate death

title: Indoctrinate Death

Artist: beyond nothing

Oppress your subjects and Suffocate them

Before they can take one last breath

Conspire! Arrest! Convict! And torment!

But keep them content with regret! (For the rest of their life!!)

Make death their haven for there is no heaven in this state of hell where they dig their own graves

And Honor the dead while you burn them alive

When you bury yourself with your secrets and lies!

Go to War with your friends who pretend to be sent by the devil himself to test all of your faiths.

And Casually call casualties the bravest of all in our history

Become a martyr, a legend, a god

an idol weathered to ruins.

Immortalized, forever forgotten

How unlucky were we to have been alive.

indoctrinate death lyrics