Meezan Bank Mobile App Not Working after Biometric

If you have a bank account with Meezan Bank and want to use its mobile app, you may experience the updated version of the app not working after the biometric thing. In this post we will recreate this app problem that many Meezan Bank users (especially iPhone users) are facing and explain what to do.

Meezan mobile App not working after biometric

The latest update to the Meezan Bank mobile App requires the user to self administer a biometric verification process on using their phone’s camera. Many phone banking apps do this now and I hate it.

For several users, the process fails and they cannot access their accounts. The demo video on youtube uploaded by Meezan Bank has a hilarious comment section full angry users who cannot access their accounts using the app. I too am one such customer.

Meezan Bank App Biometric Process

Below is a series of screenshots showing what a user goes through if they need to, God forbid, for some extreme reason, access their bank account.

I love how the SUCCESS! banner appears twice during the process as if it is going well. And then Your Request cannot be processed at the moment. Please try again later.

Later you will be going through the same thing over and over again.

How to solve Meezan App Problem

I went to the nearest Meezan Branch to cash a cheque for Rs. 27 from my own account and show them the problem I was facing on my iPhone.

The banker saw me go through the whole biometric thing and the final error. Then he explained the technical reason for this.

“The latest version of the Meezan Mobile App will only work on iPhones running iOS 17 or later. The App will not work on iPhones below iOS 17”

Meezan Banker Person

Now I am using an iPhone 8 which is never to get updated beyond iOS 16.7.5. I can’t upgrade to iOS 17 on my phone even if I wanted to.

“How to solve this problem?” I asked

“Get a New Phone.” he said.

I withdrew all my 27 Rupees and closed the account.