Pink Squash Strings

Of course there need to be pink strings for squash rackets. In this article we showcase the beyond nothing pink squash string strung on a tecnifibre carboflex racket. This racket is strung at high tension of 28 lbs, which gives lots of control and looks very cool. At the end of this article are links to purchase single sets or entire reels of pink squash string from the beyond nothing online store.

pink squash strings
Pink squash strings

Pink Squash String Specifications

Beyond nothing pink squash strings have been manufactured in 17 gauge or 1.20 mm thickness with monofilament construction. The low end of the 17 gauge gives more cut and control on the squash ball, while the monofilament construction makes the string durable. The power the string will give you depends on how much tension you are using. To learn about the effect of string tension on your power and control, check out this article.

squash racket with crash tape
pink string bed of a squash racket

If you are looking for a pink squash string to play with, here it is:

Go to the beyond nothing .com online store to place an order for these cool strings, or click on either of the embeds below. The string is available in single sets costing $15 each or in 200 meter reels for $200, which equates to $10 per set.

Contact us at to place an order of beyond nothing pink squash string along with your desired quantity and shipping details so that it can be delivered to you wherever in the world you might be.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some photos of this pink squash string or browse some of beyond nothing’s other squash related content.

pink squash racket
Technifibre 125s with pink strings
Tecnifibre Carboflex with Pink Squash Strings

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