Pink Squash Strings

Of course there needs to be pink strings for squash rackets and we have managed to find them. In this article we show some pictures of pink squash string strung on a tecnifibre racket. This racket is strung at high tension of 28 lbs, which gives lots of control and looks very cool.

pink squash strings
Pink squash strings

These are by a manufacturer named ROX, who makes rackets and strings in China. I can’t say much about their rackets, but their strings come in fun colors and are cheap and durable. If you are interested in Rackets, check out this article on the best squash racket for you.

If you are not too particular about the construction of the string you are using and just want something to play with that will last a while, ROX is a good option. To learn about the effect of string tension on your game, check out this article.

pink squash tecnifibre carboflex
Tecnifibre Carboflex with Pink Squash Strings

These strings are available in 17 gauge, and are monofilament. This means they wont wear down like conventional squash strings that are multifilament like by tecnifibre or head. Click here to read about the best squash strings available in the market.

Instead, monofilament strings will just snap if you do a hard miss-hit.

squash racket with crash tape
pink string bed of a squash racket

Either way, if you are looking for a pink squash string to play with, here it is. If you would like a reel of this product, contact us and we can work out a way to get this to you where ever in the world you are.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some photos of this pink squash string or browse some of beyond nothing’s other squash related content.

pink squash racket
Technifibre 125s with pink strings
carboflex with pink string
Squash racket with pink string

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