How to Print Email to PDF on iPad or iPhone

Why would you want to print an email to pdf on your iphone or ipad? Whatever your reason is, here is how its done. Meanwhile, here is an article about generally printing things to pdf on iPads and iPhones.

How to Print Email to pdf on your iPad or iphone

Open your email and tap the reply button

When you open an email on your iphone, you are presented with some options on the bottom of the screen. These are trash, move to folder, reply, and compose. You need to tap on the reply option.

Find the Print option in the menu

After tapping reply, you will see some options on what you can do with the email. Scroll to the very bottom of this list and find the print option. We are essentially printing you email to pdf.

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Use the iPad PDF Printer

After tapping on the print option, you will see a print preview of you email document. Notice how its beautifully formatted with the sender, subject, date, and recipient separated from the actual message itself with a border. The print preview will ask you to select a printer and number of copies. Do not touch any of these.

Instead, use your fingers to zoom into the print preview. Zoom in all the way till the page fills the screen.

Your Email has been printed to PDF

If you did step 4 correctly, you will see your document as a page with the only button being a share option. The share option looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards. Tap it to see what you can do with your PDF document. Notice how the name of PDF file is the subject of the email and the file extension is PDF Document. You can now whatsapp it, save it to your icloud drive, or even email it to someone.

I hope this clearly explained how you can print any email to pdf on your iphone or ipad for free. There is no need to download and install any app as the built-in iphone pdf printer works perfectly fine for free. This same process and feature is also available in iPads.

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Watch this video for an animated demonstration of this article.