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Every year the Pakistan Super League comes out with a thrilling season of action packed T20 cricket. Fans from all over Pakistan tune in to watch their favorite superstars whack sixes, knock over stumps, and take blinding catches, all along with the drama of chasing down mammoth targets or defending low totals.

The Pakistan Super League has millions viewers from within Pakistan, providing a great platform for the tournament sponsors to advertise their brands. While the banners in the stands and the player’s jerseys are traditional ad spaces, there have been some clever inclusions of ads in exciting occurrences of the game.

Here are some examples of clever low-key advertising in PSL embedded in the gameplay.

PSL Advertising

Jubilee safe hands

This insurance company makes its appearance whenever a noteworthy catch is taken. Jubilee Safe Hands! exclaim the commentators during the replay of the catch. A small logo of Jubilee Insurance is displayed in the corner of the screen.

Brighto stain free drive

Brighto being a key sponsor of the PSL has its name called when a classy straight driver goes for a four or a six. The fact that such a shot is cleanly hit makes it “stain free”. Perhaps this is a play on some Stain Free paint product they are promoting these days.

In previous seasons of PSL, Brighto used the phrase

“Colorful Shot” for a nice looking Cut shot or cover drive. We didn’t see this used this season.

Osaka Power Hit

This one was seen often during PSL 7. Whenever a massive six was smashed over the ropes it was acknowledged as an Osaka Battery Power Hit. Rightly so.

HBL spider cam

Yes, HBL is the main tournament sponsor for PSL, so we see their logo everywhere. On stumps, on stands, on the boundary rope, pretty much anything you see bears the HBL logo.

However the Spidercam is a cool place to advertise HBL whenever that overhead view is shown. This spidercam right here:

J. Fast Delivery

This one is a personal favorite. Used for when a fast bowler delivers one over 140kms per hour. With the inventory of Pakistani fast bowlers; shaheen afridi, haris rauf, dahani , this is a recurring event. However this advertisement is used when the ball is a positive event from a bowling perspective, like a dot ball or wicket.

In previous PSL seasons, the J dot ball advertising moment was used whenever a dot ball occurred. So the spinners also got some recognition by J Dot.

What if this has something to do with J dots fast delivery service on online shopping orders?

Inverex Energy

This PSL Inverex Energy advertised their solar panels being carried on the truck that shows up when a milestone is achieved. This could be every 50, 100, 150, or 200 runs scored by a team. It also shows up when a batsmen hits a 50 or 100.

Tapal Tea Timeout

Every innings there is a strategic timeout that can be availed by the teams. This moment has been appropriately trademark by Tapal as if the players are about to enjoy a cup of tea for 3 minutes while watching the countdown timer on the big screen displaying the Tapal logo.

Pakistan Super League Season 8 will be interesting to watch. Not only for the cricketing action, but also how the PSL sponsors make their advertising bids to appear in the gameplay next time.

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