Racket Stringing Machines

This article is supplementary to the the post entitled “How to Start a Racket Stringing Business” and discusses the different types of racket stringing machines you can use to get started.

There are three types of stringing machines. I will briefly explain each kind to show you which racket stringing machine is best for your purpose.

Drop Weight Racket stringing Machine

This is the cheapest type of stringing machine available in the new and used market. It functions using adjustable weights on a pivot that pulls the string to tension. It is good for applying constant pull on a string and getting accurate tension, but it takes around a hundred million trillion thousand billion adjustments and attempts throughout the process. Its good if you’re stringing for yourself and your friends but not if you want to run a stringing business. Its just too slow and tedious.

tennis stringing machine drop weight
Drop Weight Stringing Machine

Crank Lock Out Racket stringing Machine

I started off with a used crank lock-out type machine. Slightly more expensive than a drop weight machine this type of machine is good for beginner stringers as its relatively easy to use. Its also much faster than a drop weight machine as you simply crank a lever till it clicks when the desired tension is achieved. You many have to re-crank a the string a once or twice to account for tension loss due to new string relaxation.

racket stringing machine crank
Crank Lock Out Stringing Machine

To start a stringing business, this is a good bargain. Its affordable and can do a good consistent stringing job within an hour. Another great thing about such machines is that you can replace the crank lever with an electronic tension head if you plan on upgrading your setup.

Electronic Stringing Machine

If you have the money to purchase an electronic stringing machine, go for it. It is the ideal stringing equipment because it gives consistent tension with the push of a button and allows you to complete a stringing job in a short amount of time. It also looks good for your business image since many serious players prefer to get their rackets strung on constant pull electronic machines.

electronic racket stringing machine
Electronic Constant Pull Machine


Whichever type of machine you end up buying, make sure you get all the stringing tools with it. These include: Pliers, Snippers, Awl, Clamps, a set of Hex L-keys and a STARTING CLAMP. They should be included with the machine.

Make sure you get a TENSION CALIBRATOR. You don’t want to be stringing at the wrong tension based off your machines readings. A machine needs to be re-calibrated after every few rackets and you will need to make sure its accurate. Otherwise your clients will be mad.

Racket Stringing machines come with either a two point mounting system or a six point mounting system. Get a machine with a SIX POINT MOUNTING SYSTEM to minimize racket deformation. It reduces the chance of breaking a racket and will make you feel much more comfortable with handling other people’s rackets.

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