racket stenciling services

Now that you have shiny new strings on your squash or tennis racquet, you might want to personalize your racquet and have us stencil a design on its face. Pick from one of the 15 designs shown below. If you have your own ideas, feel free to share them and we will see what we can do.

Here are some racquet stencil designs that we have come up with for the time being. Note that these have been photoshopped to look as close to reality as possible when applied to the strings of your racquet. How the final stencil turns out depends on your string bed density and the size of your racquet face.

racquet stencil designs

The examples above have been shown with black ink applied to a white string bed. If your strings are dark in color, we will use white stencil ink on them instead.

If you have a custom stencil design in mind, feel free to contact us.