racket stringing service for squash and tennis


The best squash and tennis racket stringing service in town! Bring in your racket and we will restring it with your favorite string at your specified tension. If you want to learn about what squash string is best for your needs, check out this detailed article here. Likewise, here is a discussion on the best tennis strings.

We are located at Yonge and Finch in North York. Contact or text us at 647-382-8478

Squash Racket Strings:

  • Star Striker 17g – $20 – A good budget string
  • Head Evolution Pro 17g – $25 – Durable, performs well
  • Ashaway Super Nick XL – $35 – Most popular
  • Tecnifibre 305 17g – $35 – For advanced players and pros
  • Tecnifibre 305 18g – $35 – For that extra power and control, less durable. Recommended for pros
  • Tecnifibre DNAMX 17g – $35 – El Shorbagy baby!

Tennis Racket Strings

  • Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16G – $30 – Multifilament, Power, Comfort (White Color)
  • Gamma Advantage 15L – $35 – Co-poly Monofilament with Nylon Coating, Durable, Control (Black Color)
  • Wilson Power Synthetic Gut 16G – $40 – Solid Core, Responsive and Durable . Available in Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple
  • Prince Synthetic Gut 16G – $40 – Solid Core, with Duraflex, Power and Spin (Green Color)
  • Color Hybrids – $40 – Combine Wilson Colors into a beautiful string bed for performance and aesthetic. Learn more.

Performance Hybrid Stringing

At request we can hybrid the Gamma Advantage with the Head Synthetic Gut for a black and white string bed tailored to your playing preferences.

  • Hybrid Option A – $40 – Poly/Gut system: This set up is intended to provide the spin and control of the Gamma Advantage poly string (main string) while softening the string bed and making it more comfortable using the Head multifilament Synthetic Gut (cross string).
  • Hybrid Option B – $40 – Gut/Poly system: While delivering the power and comfort of the Head multifilament Synthetic Gut (main string), the Gamma Advantage poly string at the crosses helps with control.
  • Replace Gamma Strings with Wilson or Prince Solid core strings in the above options for better performance – $5

Bring your own string

You may also bring your own squash string and we can install it for you for a price of $15.

Tennis racket stringing price is $20 with your string.

Please make sure squash string is at least 9 meters long and tennis string is at least 12 meters long.

Price includes stringing

If you need a particular string that is not listed above, let us know and we will order it for you.

Also offering one free grip with every stringing job. Learn how to properly install an overgrip to a squash or tennis racket.

We are available 24/7. Text anytime at 647-382-8478 or contact us here to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about squash rackets, strings and the game.

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here’s some real footage of how we string rackets. More timelapse style racket stringing videos can be found on our youtube channel.