Replacement Grips v.s. Over Grips

Put simply, a replacement grip is the thick mushy tape that wraps around the bare handle of the racket. The mushyness of the grip gives that cushion and makes the racket comfortable to hold. Replacement grips are commonly made of polyurethane or PU, which gives it a tacky texture and prevents slippage. Click here to learn about the best grips for squash or tennis.

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Over Grips
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Replacement Grips

Over-grips, on the other hand (see what I did there), are thin tapes that wrap OVER the mushy replacement grip. Their main purpose is to add some girth to the handle or increase its size by a small amount. Some players with larger hands find this more comfortable. They too have a tacky surface which helps keep your hold on the racket. Watch this video on how to apply an over grip on a tennis racket or read the article.

Grip Preferences

People use replacement grips and over-grips in different combinations to suit their game. Some players use a single replacement grip while others may add an over grip for a larger handle. Some players even use two replacement grips making the handle super thick, while others use a single over grip on the bare handle for an extra thin feel. It all varies with preference. Some people are so picky that they replace their grip before every squash session! This is an expensive habit.

There is however a positive relationship between the number of grips and the headlightness of the racket. In other words, the more grips wrapped on the handle, the more headlight the racket begins to feel. This may be preferable for those who like to play more wristy shots. Click here to learn about the best head-light or head heavy squash rackets.

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