Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

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This quick article is meant to guide you on how to save a website or a web page as a pdf on your iphone. For what ever reason you want to do this, such follow these steps. This method works for iPad as well. The parent article discussing pdf conversions on iphone is here.

Step 1: Open the subject website on your iPhone

My favorite website is, and so is yours. So lets use as an example for this article. I have saved it as a favorite in safari for easy access and suggest you do the same to keep coming back and checking out all the great stuff we have publish here. Read here how to save a website as a favorite in Safari. You can also click or type the URL to access the website and save it as a favorite from there.

Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

Step 2: Navigate to the specific web page you want to save to pdf

I am going to use the about web page for to save it as a pdf. After you have it open, find the share button. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards. Refer to the image below for clarification.

Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

Step 3: Find the print option

In order to convert a web page or website into PDF, you need to select the print option that appears on your iphone or ipad screen. In this conversion process you are essentially printing the web page to PDF.

Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

Step 4: The most important part

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Using your fingers to zoom into the print preview. Notice in the image gallery below how the print preview of the web page fills the screen as you zoom into it. This is the most important step in saving your web page as a pdf file.

Step 5: Complete the export to pdf process for your website

After completing step 4, the printed web page will be show on your iphone screen with a share button on top. Tap it.

Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

Step 6: Do whatever you want with the pdf

After tapping the share button, you will be presented with all the possible options for what you can do with your pdf file. You can email it, save it to icloud, whatsapp it, anything. Also note that the file name is the name of the web page you just saved and the file extension or type is PDF Document.

Save a web page as PDF on an iphone

I hope this clearly explained how you can print any photo to pdf on your iphone or ipad for free. There is no need to download and install any app as the built-in iphone pdf printer works perfectly fine for free. This same process and feature is also available in iPads.

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Watch this video for an animated demonstration of this article.

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