How to Scan a page on iphone or iPad

So you want to know how to scan a page on your iphone or iPad. You actually don’t need to download any app for this as your iPad has a built in scanner that saves the file as a pdf. Previously we saw how to print anything to pdf on your ipad. If you already have a photo of your page, you can follow this instructional of printing an image to pdf.

To use this tool, you will need to open the notes app that comes with your iphone, and create a new note.

apple notes
Use the notes app to scan a document page on your iphone or ipad

Step 1: Tap on the camera button

As shown in the screenshot, tap on the camera button and select “Scan Documents” when the menu Pops up.

Scan page iphone ipad
Find the camera button in notes to turn on the scanner

You can also tap on the ellipses button and tap on scan to access the iphone scanner.

Step 2: Get ready to scan with your iphone

Place your document on a flat surface under good lighting. Then position your camera such that it is directly facing the front of the page you want to scan. Make sure all corners of the page are in view.

Scan page iphone ipad
Place your page on a flat well lit surface

Step 3: Scan the Document

When the view is clear and the document is in focus, and your hands are steady, capture the picture of your page. Sometimes your iphone may automatically capture the image for you.

Scan page iphone ipad
Make sure the whole page is highlighted by the iphone scanner before tapping the capture button

Step 4: Adjust the corners of your scan

You can drag the points around to make sure you have a perfect fit of your scanned document. This accounts for any tilts that may have occurred during your scanning.

Scan page iphone ipad
Get the corners as close to the page as possible for a neat scan

Tap on “Keep Scan” when you are satisfied.

Step 5: Add another page

After keeping the scan, you can scan more pages following the same procedure from Step 2-4. Each page you scan will be added to the already scanned pages.

Scan page iphone ipad
Scan multiple pages into a single document on your iphone

This way you can scan multiple pages into a single pdf document on your iphone.

Step 6: Complete the scan

After scanning all the pages you want, tap on the Save button.

The saved scan appears in your note as an object you can tap on.

Scan page iphone ipad
The Scanned document will show up in your notes as an object

Step 7: Export scan to pdf

Tap on the object showing the scan you just made. You can see the whole document infront of you.

Tap on the share button to view your sharing options. The Share button is the box with the arrow pointing up.

After tapping share, you can see all the great things you can do with your scanned pdf file. Notice that that file extension reads “PDF Document”. The iPhone also attempts to name the file according to the text it recognises during the scan.

From the share menu you can save the scanned pdf on your iCloud drive, or whatsapp it or email it or do whatever you wish to do.

And thats how you can scan a document to pdf on your iphone without having to download any app. To watch a video demonstration of this tutorial, click here.

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