SECP Certified True Copy Fees

Several documents are attached to your company registered with SECP. Certified true copies of these documents are often required for verification purposes and are usually needed for opening business accounts, obtaining paid up capital certificates, or registering with a regulatory body such as the Pakistan Engineering Council.

On this page we show some of the fees associated with obtaining a Certified True copy from SECP. Now we can get digital certified true copies which is great because it removes the need for having to go to your regional office..

SECP Certified True Copy fees:

  • Company Address – Rs. 200
  • Company Officers – Rs. 200
  • Company Profile – Rs. 100
  • Certificate of Incorporation – Rs. 100
  • Application for Company Incorporation – Rs. 100
  • Memorandum of Association – Rs. 125
  • Article of Association – Rs. 125
  • Receipt of Subscription Money – Rs. 100
  • Form 29 – Rs. 100
  • Form A – Rs. 100

Note that certified true copies of documents are only available for those processed that you have completed and submitted to SECP. For example, if you never filed Form 29 and Form A, CTCs would not be available for them.

The fees are quite nominal in most cases. However, the fees associated with the submission of certain process can be quite high depending on the process. Note that the rates of fees shown are for an Single Member Company. The fees for a CTC may vary depending on the nature of your company registration.