Should I get eye surgery?

Whether you should or should not get eye surgery depends on the following questions.

  • Is your eyesight is too weak for living a practical life conveniently?
  • Are you uncomfortable with glasses and contact lenses ?
  • You think you look better without glasses
  • You feel non perfect eyes are a disease and requires treatment regardless of its severity
Eye Surgery for better vision
Many consider eye surgery to stop wearing glasses

All of these are valid points and are the most common reasons for why people undergo eye surgeries like Lasic, Carototomy, or smilee.

Reasons to get eye surgery

Only those who wear glasses really know what its like to live with imperfect eyes. Some of the disadvantages of wearing glasses are:

  • Your chances of becoming a pilot significantly lower
  • Getting called “four-eyes” in school sucks
  • You have to be extra careful when doing physical activities like sports, dancing, and fighting
  • You cant see anything without them on.
Eye surgery can solve many vision problems
Laser eye surgery is currently the most popular vision correction method these days

With the advancement of science and technology, vision correction has become painless, fast, and satisfying.

However, is eye surgery justified every single time? Is it something that cannot be lived without?

Why not to get eye surgery

Here are some reasons why you may not need eye surgery:

  • Your eye sight is not so weak that makes life difficult
  • You like having the option to switch between glasses and contacts for different occasions.
  • You think you look better with glasses on, especially since you have been wearing them all your life and everyone around you is used to seeing you with glasses. Without glasses, it will always seem like something is missing.
  • There is always an element of risk involved with surgeries. Its okay to stay on the safe side, especially when its your eyes.
  • The results are not always permanent۔ Even after surgery your eyes will deteriorate with age and you will find yourself wearing glasses again.
  • Many people find they have sensitive eyes after surgery and end up using sunglasses and lots of eye-drops for the rest of their lives.

So should you get eye surgery

In conclusion, one should consider all the pros and cons when deciding to go through surgical vision correction. Though generally safe and successful, researching on it is the most responsible thing to do than blindly trusting an eye surgeon.

If it aint broke, dont fix it


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