Sports shops in Lahore

Lahore is divided into markets for various types of goods. This happens when one person opens a successful store and other proprietors open shops selling the same type of item right next door. The result: not shops but entire markets catering to a specific clientele.

Based on that logic, we list the most popular shops / markets in Lahore for each type of sports good and equipment.

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Anarkali: Cricket and Sports Clothing Market

Anarkali is one of the oldest locations in the city having several large sports shops. They mainly cater to the cricket crowd, selling bats, balls, gear, shoes, and official jerseys.

This location is great as you get several vendors selling quality equipment at competitive prices. If you are looking for a new bat or pads or stumps, Anarkali is the place. Football equipment is easily found here too. You will however have a harder time finding quality goods for less popular sports such as tennis and squash.

Chuburji: Sports Jerseys

Near Mozang Chungi is a place called Chuburji. Here you will find a market that carries one product: Sports Clothing and Jerseys. Every shop will be carrying a large variety of cricket jerseys from all the different teams: Pakistan, England, West Indies, Lahore Qalandars, other local teams etc. Again since we have a large variety of shops and lots of competition on the older side of Lahore, prices will be good.

You can also find a large variety of football jerseys of you favorite clubs. Not much else can be bought here in terms of sports equipment save a few cricket oriented stores.

Liberty Market Gulberg: Sports Shops Basement

On the corner of the Liberty Market parking entrance (near Bundu Khan) is a small basement market that specializes in all sorts of sporting goods. Butt Sports, Orient Sports etc.

Cricket is a given, but you can find the high end tennis, squash, and badminton equipment here as well. They also carry the most popular jerseys and even swimming gear.

Being in liberty market, the prices will be on the higher side. Haggle will only get you so far.

Bicycle market in Lahore: Neela Gumbat

If you consider cycling a sport and not just a means of transportation, then this market counts as a sports market. Almost every person in Lahore who got a recreational cycle got it from Neela Gumbat. Right opposite the Lahore King Edward Medical College is a row of shops carrying hundreds of sports and performance bicycles at all kinds of prices. The front row is only the face of it. The narrow alleys leading behind this row is full of stores and even more bicycles. It is easy to get very lost in this bicycle market due to the sheer volume and variety of product available.

Exercise and Fitness Equipment: Neela Gumbat

The road adjacent to King Edward is a market for exercise and fitness equipment. This place is packed with state-of-the-art treadmills, stationary bikes, gym equipment, rowing machines and related items. I find it strange that this market is right next to the market selling wheelchairs. Maybe it makes sense as people seeking physical rehabilitation would require these exercise machines

Data Darbar: Trophies

Under the metro bus flyover just before the shrine is a small market gittering with golden trophies and shields that are given to performing athletes. They will make any type of trophy for you with all the engraving and quantities you want.

Lahore DHA Defence H Block: Reliable sports shops

Head on over to H Block and find a small cluster of rather large sporting goods stores. The ones that have been here a while are:

  • Toyland
  • Apollo Sports (These guys have multiple locations, including one in Johar Town)
  • The Sports Company

They carry everything; clothes, balls, bats, rackets, and even table tennis tables. Being situated in the DHA, their prices are on the higher side. They do however tend to stock high quality and authentic imported equipment from the likes of Wilson, Babolat and Head. Im not going to say nike and adidas clothing and football gear are imported as they are manufactured in Pakistan. But I will say they are export quality.

Specialty Racket Shop

Next to the Punjab Squash Complex on The Mall is a dingy little racket shop called EsDee sports or something like that. This is a specialty squash and racket shop carrying professional squash gear such as rackets, strings, grips and shoes. They also have racket stringing and repair services.

RA Bazaar: Sports market for DHA and Cantt

There are a bunch of shops here selling cricket equipment and other sporting goods. Prices are good, and the location is convenient for people in DHA and the Cantonment Areas.

Panorama Center: Clothing and Outdoor Equipment

This weird mall does have some good sports shops hidden in its corridors. An Honorable mention is Chaudhary sports which has two locations within the same mall. This shop is professional and carries goods from all the popular sports.

Panorama Center itself is filled with cheap sports related clothing such as track suits and jerseys, and equipment for outdoor adventurers. You may find some camping or hiking equipment here too. Be careful what you buy here though. The quality is usually hit or miss.

Landa Bazaar

Near the Pakistan Railway Headquarters is a massive market of used clothes, shoes, and gear. The origins of all the goods available here are unknown, and you get what you pay for. It might take a while to find a decent squash shoe or athletic wear.

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