How do you warm-up for a squash game?

A proper warm-up for a squash game includes activating your muscles, raising the heart rate, and getting in the zen,…or is it zone? Whichever it is. Both.

Warming up for squash makes all the difference in your performance on court. The match starts in an hour. You have just arrived at the venue and are ready with your gear and court shoes on.

Warming up off the squash court before the game

Start by thoroughly stretching your legs, core, shoulders, forearms, back, hands. Taking your time with this, work your way up from the feet. These can be both static and dynamic stretches.

Stretching is calming, and helps us focus. It also gets the heart rate going.

For legs, we stretch our calves and quads. For the core, doing a plank works well. Feel every muscle wake up.

Next, do some cardio exercises. Jumping Jacks, Skipping, using the stationary bicycle and jogging work great. Get yourself sweating. To learn about a squash fitness exercise, check out this article.

How do you warm-up for a squash game?
How do you warm-up for a squash game

Warm-up on court

Now step on court, with the same level of sweat and circulation that you would have after playing some points and finding your rhythm. But now you have to actually find your rhythm. Warming up off court and on court are both equally important for a squash match.

If you are the first one on court, then that’s great because you will have all the space to yourself. Ghosting in a star pattern for a few rounds, ghosting in other patterns, and smashing the ball around with all your different shots will get your feet moving and find your swing.

Hit good lengths, cross courts, volleys, drops, boasts, lobs, corkscrew lobs, kills, from the front and back of the court. When your opponent steps in, focus on your own side, hitting all your shots from the forehand and backhand. It is good squash etiquette to hit no more than 2 or 3 shots and hitting back to your opponents side. Hogging the ball while your opponent just stands there is fun though.

The ball is hot, the toss is done, the door is shut, the ref is about to announce love-all. And you are fully warmed up to play your best quality squash.

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