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  • Squash Racket Crash Tape
    Crash tape is pretty much what it sounds like. Its a tape that you apply to your squash or tennis racket to protect it from scraping whenever it makes contact …
  • Solo Squash Drill: Length and Cross
    Practicing solo and doing drills is arguably the most important thing you can do to improve your squash. In this article, we go over a great solo squash drill that …
  • Pink Squash Strings
    Of course there needs to be pink strings for squash rackets and we have managed to find them. In this article we show some pictures of pink squash string strung …
  • Squash Racket Specifications
    Here are the properties and specifications of a squash racket that you should be looking for: Frame Weight Usually measured in grams, the weight of the racket should be the …
  • squash string gauge
    String Gauge in racket sports represents the thickness of a squash, tennis, or badminton string. Squash strings typically come in 4 different gauges; 16G, 17G, 18G, and 19G, where 16G …
  • Squash String Tension
    Squash string tension refers to how how tightly your racket is strung. Think of your racket face as a trampoline. When the ball makes contact with the string bed, it …
  • What shoes can be used for Squash
    The new squash player is always faced with the initial Squash Problem: Equipment. Every squash player needs rackets, shoes, balls, clothes, goggles, grips, and other accessories. I admit this shopping …
  • Squash Split Step
    You may have heard from fellow squash players or coaches about the need to do the split step to reach the ball in time to play an attacking shot. There …
  • The best squash club in lahore
    At the T-position of Lahore is a club that continues Pakistan’s squash legacy. The Punjab Squash Complex, operated by the Local Government, is a classical yet up-to-date facility for squash …
  • Warming up for Squash Matches
    Warming up for squash makes all the difference in your performance on court. The match starts in an hour. You have just arrived at the venue and are ready with …

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