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This is the most active section of, where articles on squash are regularly posted and updated. Browse through the featured articles listed below to learn about different elements of the game. From rackets to shots, from drills or fitness routines, is a work in progress, just like your game that continues to evolve. On this page is collection of articles taken from the regular blog, links to other beyond nothing content available on youtube, facebook, instagram, and twitter, and within itself.

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  • Prescription Squash Glasses
    Squash Glasses are a necessary evil for all squash players. For those under 19 and university students in North America, they are mandatory. And for good reason too; getting hit …
  • What to keep in your Squash Bag
    If you plan on becoming a serious squash player, you will need a bag. There is no escape from this reality. Even for the the casual player, a squash bag …
  • How to play the Corkscrew Lob in Squash
    A corkscrew lob is a really cool squash trick shot to knock off your opponent and produce an awkward ball for them to return. You have previously learned about the …
  • Replacement Grips v.s. Over Grips
    Put simply, a replacement grip is the thick mushy tape that wraps around the bare handle of the racket. The mushyness of the grip gives that cushion and makes the …
  • Squash Balls: Types, Usage, Levels
    Squash balls are balls that are used to play squash with. They get whacked with a racket, squashed against a wall, bounced off the floor, until they eventually burst out …
  • Squash Balls: Blue Dot and Red Dot
    This mini-article gives and overview of blue dot and red dot squash balls. Click here to learn about yellow dot squash balls. For other information about squash balls, try this …
  • Squash Balls: Yellow and Double Dot
    In this short article, we will go over the most commonly played with squash balls; the yellow dot and the double yellow dot ball. To learn about blue dot and …
  • Racket Stringing Machines
    This article is supplementary to the the post entitled “How to Start a Racket Stringing Business” and discusses the different types of racket stringing machines you can use to get …
  • Squash Racket Crash Tape
    Crash tape is pretty much what it sounds like, a tape that you apply to the frame of your squash or tennis racket to protect it from scraping whenever it …
  • Solo Squash Drill: Length and Cross
    Practicing solo and doing drills is arguably the most important thing you can do to improve your squash. In this article, we go over a great solo squash drill that …

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