Suzuki swift maintenance cost pakistan

Routine maintenance of a Suzuki swift in Pakistan includes:

  • engine oil change
  • oil filter change
  • air filter change

Some people like to get oils and filters that change at 8,000 or 10,000 kilometres but those tend to be more expensive. Most people just get routine maintenance of their Suzuki Swift at 5,000 kilometres, so this article will talk about those prices.

In Pakistan, all the above maintenance will cost approximately 3500-4000 rupees depending on where you get your car serviced. Below is a price breakdown of what it includes

Oil FilterRs. 300/-
Air FilterRs. 350/-
Engine OilRs. 3300/-
TotalRs. 3950/-
Note that these prices are from before oil prices skyrocketed around the world in April 2022

The bulk of the cost includes the materials. Usually the labor is done for free.

Watch how to change a tire.

While at the workshop make sure to get your cabin air filter checked and cleaned. They will also check your tire pressure, windshield wiper fluid, radiator coolant, and other vital components of your car free of cost.

Suzuki Swift Maintenance is Pakistan is convenient and readily available. Almost all mechanics understand Suzuki Swift engines and its parts are interchangeable with other Suzuki models such as Liana.

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