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  • why i deleted whatsapp

    why i deleted whatsapp

    Why I Deleted WhatsApp: Because it Sucks! In the era of instant communication, messaging apps like WhatsApp have become a staple. However, with convenience comes a myriad of issues that often go unnoticed until they become too overwhelming. It was about time I deleted WhatsApp from my phone, and here’s why. The Flood of Junk…

  • Can you take good photos with an iPad?

    Can you take good photos with an iPad?

    In a world where smartphones are the de facto choice for snapping photos and recording videos, using an iPad for these purposes often raises eyebrows and elicits whispers of disapproval. Reality Check: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an iPad to capture life’s moments. Lets address the stereotype and social norms that have labeled this…

  • Is it Useful to Buy an iPad?

    Is it Useful to Buy an iPad?

    You really want an iPad, but you cannot seem to justify spending hundreds of dollars on it. So now you are searching if it is useful to buy an iPad. Apple has indeed created a great product and done an even better job at marketing and advertising it. We know what the iPad can do…