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  • How to measure length or distance using an iPhone or iPad
    Did you know that your iPhone has a built-in app that can be used to measure lengths with pretty good accuracy? The app is called Measure, and it can be found in the Utilities section of your iPhone. Anyways, continue reading below to see how this app can be used to measure stuff. You can …
  • How to Scan a page on iphone
    Scanning a page, or multiple pages to on your iphone and ipad is easy and free. No need to download any third party app, and the scans are saved as pdf.
  • Why are Casio watches popular and trending
    The Casio digital watches from the 90’s are one of the most iconic, popular, and recognizable gadgets ever made. The retro digital watch models are now exactly 30 years old, and those who were not even born before 1991, are scrambling everywhere to buy this timeless timepiece. I became aware of this absurd trend the …
  • Save a photo to pdf on iphone
    The default file format for a photo on iphone is jpg or jpeg, but sometimes you need to save a photo to pdf. Some websites require files to be uploaded in pdf format due to space constraints and further processing depending on what its being used for. It can get quite annoying if you have …
  • Export a Pages document to pdf on iphone
    You have finished writing your masterpiece and are now ready to export your Pages document to pdf format on your iphone or iPad. This is a fairly straightforward process but many first time pages users struggle with finding this option. These steps will work whether you are using the pages application on your iphone or …
  • Print note as pdf on iphone or ipad
    Sometimes you open notes on your iphone or ipad to make a quick note, but end up composing it to the point that it can be saved as as a legit document. The best format to save such notes are pdf, which can actually be done through the notes app in your iphone. Simply follow …
  • Save a web page as PDF on an iphone
    This quick article is meant to guide you on how to save a website or a web page as a pdf on your iphone. For what ever reason you want to do this, such follow these steps. This method works for iPad as well. The parent article discussing pdf conversions on iphone is here. Step …
  • Print an email to pdf on your iphone
    Why would you want to print an email to pdf on your iphone or ipad? Whatever your reason is, here is how its done. Step 1: Find the email you want to print. In this example we are using an email that I sent to written by If you want other ways to …
  • PDF printer iphone and ipad built in for free
    Did you know that your iphone and ipad has a built in pdf printer? This means you do not need to download or pay for any app for converting your files into pdf format on your apple device. Here lets see through some screenshots how you can convert or print any file, document or even …

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