the best chicken handi near me (Lahore)

You are probably debating about where to find the best chicken handi in lahore right now. As a fellow chicken handi enthusiast, I’ve got you covered. Here I have ranked out the best chicken handi options in lahore based on my experience. Now of course, there are hundreds of restaurants in Lahore offering chicken handi, and you may have your personal favorite.

chicken handi with naan

But if you are not sure today, then try out any of these tried and tested options. They are all good, and your favorites do not necessarily have to be my favorites. You may end up deciding simply based on how far you are located from these places, but if you decide to make the journey, it would be worthwhile.

#4 Gourmet Restaurant in DHA Y Block Market

This is a decent option for fine dining or a family outing. Their chicken handi is complete and provides a good alternative to Bundu Khan if you are trying to economize. I wouldnt go here specifically for the Handi, but I will always order it to go with their excellent BBQ platter and chops.

#3 Salt n Pepper in Liberty Market

For a casual budgeted outing with your friends, go straight to Salt n Pepper in Liberty Market. For the price, you get a flavor that is worth every rupee. Their naans are pretty good too.

#2 Bundu Khan – The next best handi in Lahore

This is the best place to take a formal guest, tourist, or a date to. Their Handi is seriously good and full of flavor. Its also consistent and offers good value for money in terms of quantity, quality, hygiene, service, and atmosphere. Do consider pairing the Handi with a puri paratha for a lethally delightful experience.

one of the best chicken handi in lahore

#1 Karachi BBQ DHA H Block – The best chicken Handi in Lahore

I love chicken handi. And its because of these guys. I have known this place all my life and whenever Im in the mood for Handi, whether its by myself, with my buddies, or to order to my home, I always end up coming back here. For years I have be satisfied with the consistency and flavor. There is no chance for disappointment.

the best chicken handi in lahore
chicken handi at its best

Usually I enjoy the handi with naan, but I also enjoy the occasional puri paratha. And after destroying a full or a half handi with over three naans in a single sitting, the sweetest ending is the cold drink of sprite.

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