The best squash club in Lahore

At the T-position of Lahore is a club that continues Pakistan’s squash legacy. The Punjab Squash Complex, operated by the Local Government, is a classical yet up-to-date facility for squash lovers and everyone else. Located just off The Mall Road, adjacent to the Governor’s residence, this place is frequented by players of all sizes, skill levels, and personalities.

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Punjab Squash Complex
Punjab Squash Complex

people and Culture

The People, also known as the Public, are all members. It takes a long time to match names and faces.

The players are friendly and seriously competitive. Often it seems like they are fighting but its all trash talk during games. Occasionally, bets such as a juice-box or cash are added for more drama.

Squash Tournaments Lahore
Squash Tournaments Lahore

The atmosphere is hospitable, and the staff is accommodating.

playing opportunities

There is always someone to play squash with, and many official tournaments are hosted here. For beginners, intermediates, and pros alike, this is the best place to enjoy the game.

the Punjab Squash Complex facilities

The Punjab Squash Complex has 10 international standard courts; 4 Glass Back Wall Courts, 5 wooden door courts, and 1 Auditorium Court. Each court has viewing galleries and is always tournament ready. There is also a fully equipped gym, a parking lot, and a Squash Shop selling the latest gear.

Several coaches are available for lessons and training.

The facility is apparently accessible 24 hours, as some players come in as late as 10 p.m. and as early as 5 a.m.


Walk in and talk to the management. Their system is simple and organized. To add convenience, there is a National Bank of Pakistan Branch opposite the Complex’s entrance on Staff College Road.

If you are in Lahore and looking for a place to play squash, this is the place to play squash. See location and directions below:

Lahore Squash Club
Lahore Squash Club

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