Using AirDrop to share files from iPhone

Previously we saw how to share files from an iPad to an iPhone using Airdrop. In this post, we go the other way around and share an image from an iphone to an iPad.

AirDrop is apple’s name for sharing files via bluetooth. However it only works between apple devices and is therefore not truly bluetooth sharing; just apples to apples.

Step 1: Enable Airdrop receiving on the iPad

From the iPad control panel accessible from the corner of the screen, tap on the AirDrop Icon and and select Everybody from the menu that opens up. After doing this, the AirDrop icon will glow blue. You need to enable bluetooth and wifi as well for this step.

Step 2: Open sharing options on the iPhone

After selecting the image you want to share from your iphone to your ipad, tap on the sharing icon. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. In this tutorial we will be sharing an image of the beyond nothing logo.

From the sharing menu, the first option is AirDrop. Tapping on this takes you to the AirDrop menu.

Step 3: Tap on the recipient on the iPhone AirDrop menu

Tapping on the AirDrop option from Step 2 will take you to a display showing all the devices nearby that can receive files from your iPhone.

apple iphone airdrop

If you did step 1 correctly on the iPad receiving the file, it should show up here. Tap on it!

Step 4: Accept the Transfer

Upon sending the file from the iPhone, the iPad will display a preview of the file being received along with the option to accept or decline the transfer. Tapping decline will cancel the transfer while tapping Accept will complete the AirDrop sending process. Tap Accept

receiving files on ipad through airdrop

The received image will be saved to your iPad’s camera roll. From there you can transfer it again to another iphone as per this post.

Now both the iphone and ipad have the beyond nothing logo on them.

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