What do you wear to play squash?

After receiving this question from so many people we decided to write a short one about what clothes you can wear to play squash in.

Squash clothes sizing

As the game is fairly high intensity and requires you to make big movements, you should wear clothes that aren’t too tight to restrict movement. Nor should you wear extremely loose clothes that can get caught between your knees and racket. You should wear clothes that are sized for your body and comfortable.

What do you wear to play squash?

Lower body clothes for squash

Shorts are preferred as they allow easy movement of legs and provide ventilation. Ventilation is important so we will talk more about that in details. Make sure the shorts are made of athletic breathable material and not cotton. Cargo shorts are also a little heavy, so I would not recommend them for playing squash in.

Some people prefer to wear pants. This is okay if you are just training and the weather is cold. But pants do tend to hinder movement unless they are very light and made of breathable material. Tights are okay for girls.

It can also get very hot with pants on, and the accumulation of sweat on your legs will become annoying if the pants are not well ventilated. Shorts are obviously more breathable than pants.

Upper body clothing

As far as upper apparel is concerned, its better to wear half sleeve t-shirts that are made of athletic material. A cotton t shirt is not recommend since it absorbs a lot of sweat and tends to stick to your body. This can cause rashes.

Dry fit shirts and polyester shirts are much better for squash as they are breathable and dont get as soaked with sweat as other materials do.

Note that I mentioned half sleeve t shirts rather than full sleeved shirts. While full sleeved shirts are okay for training, they can be disadvantageous during matches. The long sleeved shirt hinders arm movement and gets soaked with sweat as your body gets warmer. This sweat tends to pour towards your hand due to gravity and swinging of the racket. Eventually this sweat will cause your racket grip to become slippery. Also, the long sleeved shirt will come in contact with the grip of your racket, making it too slippery to hold on to.

A warm athletic upper is good for warming up and casual play in a cold court. However you will find yourself taking it off when it gets too hot. Never ever wear a wool sweater when playing squash. This will soak up the sweat and get heavy on your body.

What Clothes to wear to play squash summary

Athletic T shirts and shorts are the way to go when wearing clothes to play squash. Avoid cotton, wool, and other such materials that are not breathable and soak up moisture.

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