where to find a mattress in toronto


If youre in Toronto and looking for a mattress, you have already heard about all the big furniture stores and seen their ads all over the ttc.

a shopping nightmare

But when you actually go to any of these stores to buy a mattress, its always the same uncomfortable sagging junk, with metal springs in them making them extra heavy. And then they tell you the price, and then you ask for something cheaper thats even worse.

If you ever bought a bed from them you may have experienced the mattress included deal. If you only want the bed frame, they reduce the price only by a little bit, forcing you to settle for the worthless mattress.

The one mattress you actually like is $1000. $1000 for a mattress?! Plus shipping. They tell you its worth it to spend that kind of money for the sake of your sleep. Plus tax. How can you possibly sleep after spending that much on a mattress.

whats the mattress?

Sleep never had to be this complicated or expensive. We are sold spring systems, memory foam pads, gels, cooling textures, all sorts of gimmicks that we worry about while shopping and forget after putting on the bed sheets. Then comes grogginess and back problems and we never blame what we spent a third of lives lying on.

When we suddenly develop back pain, our physiotherapists advise us to sleep on a harder surface like a carpeted floor to straighten our backs and spines. Not on that super responsive spring mattress that adjusts to your beautiful curves.

On such spring mattresses, it is physically impossible for some springs to adjust to some curves and not to others like shown in tv ads. Your entire body weight applies to all the springs, which sags the whole system. You may not notice it in the store when you test it, but thats because you are distracted by the passionate sales associate who hasn’t slept in years.

nothing else mattress

If our mattresses were firm and flat to begin with, we would sleep with straight backs every night, and develop good postures by morning. Even if we lay on our sides, our spines would remain parallel to the bed (Of course you would need a high enough pillow to keep your head from hanging).

The lingo to use when shopping for such a mattress is “High Density Foam”. Sure, you may find it at the big stores, but you should also pay the right price. Its foam. The same stuff a sponge is made out of. It does not have to be so expensive. They may argue that the high price tag is due to low demand of such a specific product (which is true, there doesn’t seem to be enough awareness about firm mattresses). So here is where you go:

jane finch mall

To find your mattress, get to Jane and Finch mall in Toronto. Go inside. Find a store called CT Canada Mattress. Find Carlos. Ask him for a high density foam mattress. He will not even look at you. From a giant stack of brand new mattresses he will pull out the one and just hand it to you like its a loaf of bread. Yes, high density foam is very light and convenient to handle.

Carlos will leave you alone to have a nap on it. Feel free to ask about what else he’s got. He’s got everything in every size really. If its not in the store, its in some factory and he can deliver it to you. When the price is so right, you wont even feel like bargaining. Make a fair deal and work out a delivery plan. He will be there as promised.

I bought a high density foam mattress from CT Canada Mattress, paid upfront with cash and received the mattress on time in Toronto. I whole heartedly appreciate such businesses with excellent customer service and honest products.

With a reasonably priced high density foam mattress, you will sleep better, feel more energized when you wake up, and improve your posture. Its not the same as sleeping on an uncomfortably hard floor. The purpose of the hard mattress is to give you the same benefits of sleeping on a flat surface, but with some padding for your comfort.

mattress in toronto

Its easy to get a little discouraged when you first lay on it. You will feel it being uncomfortably hard and would find a softer mattress more attractive because it feels more comfortable in the moment. Don’t make that tempting mistake. There is a break-in period, not for the mattress, but for your body to get back in shape. After getting used to the hard foam mattress, you would never go back to anything less.


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