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This article does not determine “the best overall Apple watch strap period”. As you will see, there is no such thing as a best band. There is however a most comfortable, stylish, secure, or durable strap, as each one has been designed for a specific purpose. Lets see what they are.

I reviewed the Apple watch a long time ago, but only now do I realize that I forgot to talk about the most fun part about this whole Apple watch thing: The Straps!

The ability to change Apple Watch straps is the most enjoyable feature because it allows users to instantly transform the watch’s style to match their mood or occasion. Things get boring after a while so its always fun to change it up.

And due to all the variety available of these strap or band things, it is only fitting that we talk about them. There are some questions to be answered.

What type of Apple Watch band is best?

In this post, we explore the following types apple watch bands and how they perform under different circumstances:

  • Silicon Sport Band
  • Alpine Loop
  • Milanese Loop
  • Leather Strap

These four types of bands have been tested with an Apple Watch Series 4 in a 44mm size. This is cool because it shows all bands and straps made for the Apple Watches Series 5,6,7,8 and even the Ultras fit on the Series 4. That’s a huge range of compatibility.

Which Band is most secure

The least secure of the lot is the magnetic Milanese loop. You will find yourself re-adjusting it all day every 15 minutes. And don’t even think about wearing a Milanese loop while playing a sport.

For the sport situation, the silicon and alpine bands are equally secure. The G hook on the alpine and the tuck in slot on the silicon band guarantee the watch will stay put. Heck its hard enough to remove the alpine loop even when you want to. That said, its preferable to use the silicon strap when playing a sport just because of the sweat factor. Its just a lot easier to clean.

The leather strap with its classic buckle mechanism is secure enough for most practical purposes. But I would not use it while playing a sport.

Which Apple Watch strap is non sweaty?

The winner there is the Milanese Loop due to its mesh design. It becomes even most breathable as it loosens up every now and then. Still the best option for a band that feels nice and light.

The alpine loop is also quite breathable due to its fabric material. However, because its so secure, it does not move very much and can get a little ‘suffocating’. I recommend wearing this one as loose possible without the watch slide around your wrist.

The silicon band is not breathable at all. In fact it just starts feeling sweaty and gross after a while. Imagine wearing boots without socks. Super uncomfortable. The leather strap can also have the same effect if its a poor quality.

What is the most comfortable Apple Watch band?

Overall Comfort depends on the straps weight and breath-ability. For casual day-time use, the Milanese mesh and the alpine are more comfortable than the silicon and leather bands.

For night-time and comfort mode, the Alpine is as comfortable as wearing pajamas due to its light weight. This is the preferable loop for when sleeping with the watch on. It is after all most casual of the four types.

Easiest apple watch strap to clean

The Silicone and Milanese Mesh loop are the easiest straps to clean as they are water proof and can be dried with a towel instantly. If you are the type to sweat during exercise while wearing an apple watch, you should switch to a silicon strap every time before starting your session.

The alpine loop’s fabric and leather bands are a lot harder to clean and even harder to dry afterwards. Avoid these for sweaty situations.

How do I make my Apple Watch look classy?

Do you wear a suit to the beach? Or do you wear a track suit to a formal dinner? The point is, there is a suitable strap for every occasion.

The Milanese strap is elegant and sophisticated. It looks good in the office, in formal settings, and even in causal settings. The sleek design makes it versatile and the most stylish of the lot. That said, the leather strap may looks better on the more mature wearer at the more formal events. Leather straps are a timeless classic. I guess we have a tie over here and it depends on the wearer which look they can pull off. For formal situations, I would lean towards leather.

The sporty silicone strap compliments sporty attire. That’s about the only place it would look good.

Although strictly casual, the Alpine Strap is tricky. Because it made for the apple watch Ultra, it comes with larger bulkier connector links. When attached to a non-Ultra apple watch (Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), it looks kinda goofy. The little loops for the hook also make the strap poofy.

Which band is best

Lets summarize this discussion in terms of which strap to use for which situation.

Casual Everyday Wear: Milanese, Alpine

Trying to look elegant: Milanese, Leather

Super Formal: Leather

Sports: Silicon

Sleeping: Alpine

Most Secure: Alpine, Sports, Leather

The honest conclusion here is to get all the bands you want for your apple watch and keep switching between them for different settings. I do not recommend getting any strap at all from apple as the prices are ridiculous. The so called ‘knock offs’ fit fine for practical purposes and can be bought super cheap.

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