Why a Wallet Case for your iPhone

When I was considering buying a wallet case for my iphone, I read many blogs comparing different types of cases and how a wallet case is all utility and practical and can replace your actual wallet. Then they would try to sell me some iphone or samsung phone case through an affiliate link. In the end, I decided to just get one and see for myself why someone would put this thing on their phone.

iPhone 8 flip book Cover
Wallet Case for iPhone

In this post I will not try to sell you a phone case. Instead, I will share my experience on how useful a phone wallet case is and bust the myths people parrot around trying to sell this thing.

What is a phone wallet case

It is simply a case that protects your phone from wear and tear. Because its got a card holder and folds over like a wallet, and sometimes made of leather, its called a wallet case. Some also call it a book cover for obvious reasons.

NOT a Wallet

First of all, this thing can NOT replace an actual wallet. Wallets are stuffed with cards, cash, coins, receipts, guitar picks, and anything else we manage to stuff in there. You can never do that with a phone case. You would be lying to yourself if you think you just need 1 bus pass and 1 credit card and can leave the rest at home. Even if it is just a grocery run, how often would you take out a card from your actual wallet and put it in your phone case every single time for “convenience”. You will always carry both your phone and your wallet. In fact, you should.

phone case book cover
A wallet case is not a wallet

The card slots can however still be used to hold one or two seldom used cards, but no more. The case is already bulky enough, so why make it bulkier. For a wallet case with an ID window, I find that slot is more useful for a photo or art.

Now that we have clarified that a phone wallet case should not be used as a wallet, lets see what it really is.

Maximum Protection

Like I said, a case protects your phone. The best part about wallet cases is that they protect your iphone better than other types of cases out there. For example, those silicone covers may protect the phone’s body, but the screen is still exposed, even with a protector. You might as well keep your phone naked if the screen is wide open for getting scratched or hit.

Wallet case Phone
Total protection of your Phone

With a wallet case, the screen is covered when not in use and further secured by a magnetic clasp to prevent the cover from flapping around. With such protection, your phone can become close friends with the other objects in your purse or pockets as no direct contact would ever occur.

Such good protection can extend the life of your device more than a bumper, plastic back case or any other exposed case ever could. This is a major advantage.

A case with privacy

For those who like to keep their notifications and phone calls private, a wallet case is ideal as the screen physically gets covered. No need to get all fancy with blur angle screen protectors. Those don’t even work if someone just gets a top view of your phone.

With a book cover, your notifications and calls are only seen by you who will flip open the case. No one else would dare touch it.

On the flip side (pun totally intended) for those who are paranoid about their front camera watching them, a wallet case covers that up too for the whole time you are not using it. Privacy from both ends.

Works as a stand, little bit

In the beginning yes. But this is gimmicky as the material softens with time and your “stand” will go limp. Then you will have a constant struggle to keep your phone in a certain position.

iphone case stand
A phone case with a stand

Induces better habits

Phone Check Syndrome

Most of us have the tendency to check our phones every other minute, even when we know there is nothing in there. A wallet case helps us break this weird habit of ours by adding two extra steps: Opening the clasp, and flipping the cover. Subconsciously, this added inconvenience makes you not unnecessarily look at your phone.

Cant use your phone while driving

In addition to the previous inconvenience, putting a book cover on your phone makes it difficult to operate one-handed. This is a great way to deter you from reaching for your phone while driving.

Difficult to keep in pocket

Due to the added bulk of a wallet case, it becomes inconvenient to stuff the phone in your front pocket, or even take it out. You just end up keeping it in your hand everywhere. While this sounds like a nuisance, its actually a good thing because you do not want your radiation emitting device so close to your body all the time.

Final Verdict

If you want to put a case on your iphone, a wallet case is the best in terms of protection and has other interesting advantages that you can appreciate only when experienced.

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