Free Domain with Free Hosting

Do you really think you can get both free hosting and a free domain? Sorry to disappoint but here’s your reality check: you will have to pay for one or the other to start your project.

Some options that offer either free domains or free hosting

Free domain

InfinityFree: Offers free hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. However, they don’t provide free domains. You will have to buy a domain from them or have to transfer a domain you bought from elsewhere to their platform. Not so infinity anymore eh?

000WebHost: Provides free hosting with PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. Again, they don’t offer free domains. Offers free domain names, which can be pointed to your free hosting provider.

This is misleading pitch. A is not a domain. Its a subdomain! You will end up with something like where yourwebsite is a subdomain of This might work for you if you just need a place to showcase something or run a local business. But it’s no good if you want to monetize your content with something like Adsense. Besides, with a subdomain, your website is at the mercy of the main domain. If they go, you go.

Freehostia: Provides free hosting with 250MB disk space and 6GB bandwidth. You can use a free subdomain or point a domain from a service like Again, free hosting, but no free domain.

AwardSpace: Offers free hosting with 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth. They also don’t provide free domains.

Don’t fall for free scams

Remember, while these options exist, free hosting often comes with limitations such as ads, limited resources, and sometimes unreliable uptime. And nobody will give you both free hosting with a free domain. You will have to buy one or the other.

The pennywise thing to do is to buy a top level domain for cheap (less than $5 for the first year) and transfer to a free hosting provider. Some domains go for as little as $0.99.

If it’s too good to be true, it is.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash