Squash Court Dimensions (International)

The standard dimensions of a squash court are regulated by the World Squash Federation (WSF). The court is a rectangular space with a height, width, and length carefully defined to ensure fair and competitive play.

International Singles Squash Court Dimensions

The official dimensions of a squash court in metric and imperial units as per the 2024 World Squash Rules by the World Squash Federation are as follows:

Squash Court Dimensionsmmfeet*
Length of court between playing surfaces975031 ‘2″
Width of court between playing surfaces640020′ 11″
Diagonal1166538′ 4″
Height above floor to lower edge of Front Wall Line457015′ 0.5″
Height above floor to lower edge of Back Wall Line21306′ 112″
Height above floor to lower edge of Service Line on Front Wall17805′ 10″
Height above floor to the top of the Tin4801′ 7″
Distance to nearest edge of Short Line from Back Wall426013′ 12″
Internal dimensions of Service Boxes16005′ 3″
Width of all lines and the upper section of the Tin500′ 2″
Minimum clear height above the floor of the court564018′ 6″
approximate values due to conversion from millimetres. For construction purposes, use millimeters for accuracy


  1. The Side Wall line is inclined between the Front Wall Line and the Back Wall Line.
  2. The Service Box is a square delineated by the Short Line, the Side Wall, and two additional lines marked on the floor.
  3. Measurements for the length, width, and diagonal of the court are taken at a height of 1000mm above the floor.
  4. It is advisable to shape the Front Wall Line, Side Wall Line, Back Wall Line, and the upper 50mm of the Tin to redirect any ball striking them.
  5. The upper section of the Tin must not extend more than 45mm from the Front Wall.
  6. It is suggested that the court door is positioned at the center of the Back Wall.
  7. The clear height may gradually decrease to 5000mm from a point 1000mm away from the front wall and further reduce to 4000mm from a point 3000mm away from the back wall.

North American vs International Squash Courts

North American Squash Courts are typically 2 feet narrower than International Courts. This was done during a time when low temperatures made it difficult to warm up a single or double dot squash ball, so a hard ball was used instead.

North American Squash Court
AI generated Squash Court

As the hard ball is bouncier and faster, players found it more manageable to play in narrower courts. However, as central heating systems came mainstream, it the soft ball became more playable and International size courts are preferred by more players and clubs.

Today, the hard ball squash court is more than 3 feet wider than the international court.

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