How to deal with sweaty hands in Squash

Sweaty hands can be a real challenge for squash players, impacting their grip and overall performance. Often we have seen rackets slipping out the hands and due to a soaked worn out grip or just really sweaty hands. This one time I was practicing straight drives at the front of the court and the racket slipped out of my hand and whacked the tin. The racket did not survive.

Anyways, here are some ways to keep your hands dry and your game strong.

Using the Court Walls: Traditional and Convenient

Wiping hands on the walls is convenient, but it’s not probably not the most hygienic. Read this discussion on how Covid changed squash for the better.

Shirt Wiping

Wiping with your shirt is effective, but if your shirt is sweaty, it won’t effectively keep your hands dry.

Use a Towel

Keep a towel inside the court to quickly wipe your hands between rallies for instant relief.

Talcum Powder Pouch

Use talcum powder to absorb moisture and keep your hands sweat-free before entering the court. This age old trick is used by baseball players who want to keep their hands dry for pitching. Talcum powder comes in a small cloth pouch which you can just give a few smacks to release some powder on your hands. Convenient to carry in your squash bag too.

Maybe its time for a Change of Grip

Sometimes its not your hands but your grip that has come to the end of its life. You will know this is happening when your racket starts slipping or turning in your hand while you play a shot. By this point the grip is over-soaked and letting it dry is not going to bring it back. Its okay, change it. However, if you think its premature and just your hands, keep reading.

Use Tacky Over Grips

Managing Forearms and Elbows

Often we are so preoccupied with our hands that we forget to think about the sweat on our arms that’s dripping down to the hands due to gravity. So while you’re wiping your hands on your shirt, towel, or walls, dont forget to wipe down your forearms and elbows regularly to prevent sweat from reaching your hands during play. This one actually makes a huge difference. Make it a habit.

Wristbands: Your Sweat Shield

Wear a wristband to act as a barrier, preventing sweat from dripping down onto your hands. Same gravity logic as the previous forearms and elbows point.

Pro-Tip: Wear the wristband near the middle of your forearm so that it does not touch the handle of your racket. That would prevent that sweat from sneaking into your grip.

Hold Racket from Frame in non playing hand

Create a habit to hold your racket by the frame in your non playing hand when not in an an active rally. This will not only reduce the accumulate of sweat in your playing hand, give it from air, and keep your grip dry. It will also extend the life of your grip as we once discussed here.

Smart Shirt Changes

Change shirts every few games, especially in warm or humid conditions, to ensure you’re playing with a dry shirt. A sweaty shirt is only going to get sweatier and add to your sweaty hand problem.

Winning the Battle Against Hand Sweat

Sweaty hands as a squash players adversary, but with these tips, you can take control. From using towels and talcum powder to embracing tacky grips and strategic clothing changes, you can now confidently step onto the squash court and keep your grip firm, even in the heat of the game.

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