How to convert ppsx into pptx in powerpoint

You have received a PowerPoint presentation from a colleague, but it happens to be in ppsx or slideshow format. This can be frustrating if you need to edit the file but all it keeps doing is play the presentation slide deck. This short post explains how to convert a PowerPoint slideshow (ppsx) into an editable PowerPoint presentation (pptx) without having to use any of those free online converters. This is easy to do in PowerPoint. Check out how to convert any file to pdf on your iPhone or iPad.

What is a .ppsx or PowerPoint Slideshow file

Sometimes we choose to Save a power point presentation file As a Slideshow file type. This is done to provide someone with a non-editable version of a slideshow that they can just open up and play. Such a file is called a PowerPoint Slideshow file and has a .ppsx extension to it. This ppsx file is not totally secure and can be modified. It can get frustrating when the slideshow just starts playing whether you double-click to open, or right-click to Open With.

How to convert ppsx into pptx in powerpoint

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint. Follow the instructions below that should work for both windows and Mac.

Open MS PowerPoint and create a new blank document

Insert the ppsx slides from other Presentation

From the top menu bar, go to Insert, slides from, and click on other presentation. In windows, you may need to insert the ppsx presentation as an “object” to your new blank slide.

From the dialogue box that opens up, find the ppsx file that you want to convert to pptx. Note in the screenshot how the file extension is ppsx.

ppsx to pptx

View and edit the presentation

After completing step 2, you should be able to see all the slides from the ppsx file in your new pptx file. In windows, if you inserted the ppsx as an object, then right-click on its icon and click on “edit”. The entire presentation should open in an editable format as shown.

how to convert ppsx into pptx

Save the ppsx As pptx

After making your edits, you can go to Save As and select the file type as pptx. This will keep the slide file editable for future usage.

save ppsx as pptx

And that’s it. Curious how to scan a document using your iPhone? Watch this video.