How to Convert Pages to pdf on iPad

In this post we quickly go over the process to convert a pages document to pdf on your iPad.

The new iOS 16 has caused some minor changes to the ways we use our iPhones and iPads to perform some basic tasks. One example is how we export our pages documents to pdf.

If you haven’t already read the legacy article on how to Export a Pages document to pdf on iphone, this post works just fine too. The only difference is that this post is for iOS 16 users.

how to convert pages to pdf on ipad

Open the pages document you want to convert to pdf on your iOS 16 device

Pretty straightforward.

Find the export options in the drop down menu

In the previous post on this topic, we went directly to the share button on the right side of the screen and found the export option. Now in iOS 16 we find the drop down button next to the name of the document. Refer to the image below for clarification. Upon clicking or tapping that drop down arrow, a menu opens up containing the export option.

Learn how to scan a page to pdf using iphone notes.

Export > pdf

From the export sub-menu, find the pdf option.

Save the converted pdf file

After tapping pdf in step 3, this screen will appear with a share button. Tapping on the share button will give you a bunch of options on what to do with your new pdf document.

Note how the file type says “PDF Document” on it, underlined in red in the image below. This indicates that the pages to pdf conversion is successful.

Just for fun, you could instead tap on the print option and follow the process described in this article.

And thats how we export a pages document to pdf on an iPad running iOS 16.