Export a Pages document to pdf on iphone

You have finished writing your masterpiece and are now ready to export your Pages document to pdf format on your iphone or iPad. This is a fairly straightforward process but many first time pages users struggle with finding this option. These steps will work whether you are using the pages application on your iphone or on your ipad.

Step 1. Be satisfied with your Pages document

In the iphone screenshot below, I have just completed by masterpiece. Look at how beautiful it is. From this view, tap on the ellipses looking button to view your options.

apple pages to pdf export
tap the ellipses to view options

Step 2: Tap on the export button

This is a pretty self explanatory step. Just tap on the export option to view the different formats you can export your Pages document to.

apple pages to pdf export
tap on export

Step 3: Tap on PDF

In the export menu you will see all the different different formats the apple pages can export its file to. At the very top is PDF, followed by EPUB, RTF, and Pages Template. You want to select the PDF option.

apple pages to pdf export
select pdf

Step 4: Your PDF file is ready

Now that the Pages document has been successfully converted to pdf, you can email it, whatsapp it, save it to dropbox or iCloud etc. You can do anything with it since thats what pdf is for.

apple pages to pdf export
save your pdf file to your icloud drive

I hope this page clearly explained how you can export your pages document to pdf on your iphone or ipad. To learn about other conversions to pdf you can do on your iphone, check out some of the following links.

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