Heavy Duty Power Bank

Power banks, or external battery packs, have become an essential accessory for our electronics dependent lives. While normally used for recharging phones, they can also be used for iPads, laptops, and in some cases, even cars. Click here to read how a power bank can help start your car.

In this article we review a heavy duty power bank and discuss its functions. This power bank is an automotive grade rechargeable battery pack that comes as part of a jump starter kit. Its primary purpose is to boost a car battery with high voltage and operate an air compressor for inflating tires in an emergency situation. Click here to learn how to use a portable air compressor to inflate stuff.

jump starter kit

Besides being an automotive grade battery pack, it can also be used as a general power bank for everyday usage. In this post we will cover all the different things you can do with it.

20000 mAh Capacity Power Bank

This brick of a battery pack packs 20000 mAh of battery life and is protected with anti-charging technology. This means that the battery wont drain with time when not in use and just lying around. It is however recommended to recharge the power bank every three months for optimal performance.

20000 mAh is a lot of electricity considering that most phones come with an of average 3000 mAh batteries. This means you can recharge your phone around six times with a single charge of this power bank.

heavy duty power bank

Operates in 12V 16V and 19V modes

Depending on what you are using the power bank for, you can select between three different voltage outputs; 12V, 16V, and 19V. Most phones and devices can comfortably charge with 12 volts. However, some devices such as laptops are rated at 16 or 19 Volts. These differences may be due to the origin country of the product as different countries work with different voltages. At least its good to have the option to switch voltage of the battery pack with a single button.

control panel of batter pack

Purpose made Output port for Engine start and Air Compressor

Remember this automotive grade power bank is designed for jump starting cars and inflating tires. Therefore, the power bank has a slot specifically for plugging in booster cables and the power cable of the air compressor that come with the kit.

Two USB ports

On the main panel of the power bank are two USB ports for plugging in chargeable devices. This is cool because you can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time. The jump start kit also came with a three-in-one phone charger cable which supports micro-usb, apple thunderbolt, and USB-C type devices.


In a addition to being an absolute power house, this battery pack also has some handy utilities built into its casing.


On the side of the power bank is a bright flashlight. This flashlight also has a strobe function with variable interval settings. This means the strobe flicker or flashing rate can be set to very fast or slow.

power bank with flashlight

Emergency Lights

Where the flashlight was, there are another two LEDs that flash red and blue like we would see in a police car. This is for either drawing attention, pretending you’re a cop, or just having fun with.

Blade and Hammer

A small concealed blade is provided on the corner of battery pack casing. This is for cutting or stripping wires. Not sure what else to do with such a small blade in that position. On the other side is a small metallic plate which is apparently a hammer. As the power bank itself is heavy, it could be used as a hammer for banging things in or out of place, breaking stuff, or defending oneself.

Power Bank Charging

The power bank itself needs charging from time to time. For this purpose, an inlet charging port is provided on its panel along with two types of chargers. One is a standard wall charger you can plug into your wall socket. The other is a car charger that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter slot or in 12V output port. For quicker charging, it is preferable to use a socket.

Charging time can be 3-6 hours depending on how drained the battery is. There is nothing wrong with fully charging it overnight if needed. A blue bar of LEDs on the panel of the battery pack indicates how much power is available.

Purchasing and Price

Contact beyond nothing .com if you want to purchase this heavy duty power bank or jump starter kit.

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