Toyota Yaris vs Honda City Which is Better

Today, we explore two formidable contenders in the B-class sedan category: the Honda City vs the Toyota Yaris. By delving into the unique features offered by each car, we will be better able to decide between the 2 titans and decide which one is better.

Since the introduction of the B-class Sedan by Japanese car manufacturers in the 1990s, the automotive landscape has undergone a drastic transformation. Nowadays, consumers prioritize fuel efficiency and the agility of a car to snake through congested traffic over mere aesthetics.

Toyota Yaris vs Honda City which is better in Pakistan

Which looks better City or Yaris?

When it comes to aesthetics, both the Yaris and the City have been labeled as cars that prioritize functionality and practicality over physical and visual appeal. Let’s face it, neither the Yaris nor the City are going to win any beauty pageants. In fact, when compared to Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, these cars look like the poor, neglected relatives of their more attractive and expensive counterparts.

But don’t judge a book by its cover just yet. While both the Yaris and the City share almost identical dimensions, the City manages a more sporty look at first glance. However, where the City truly shines is in its interior design. It exhibits a more refined taste, giving off a premium vibe that leaves the Yaris feeling a bit lackluster in comparison.

Does Honda City have more Space than Toyota Yaris?

Now, let’s talk about space. The Yaris may appear more compact, but both cars offer similar passenger space in the back. Yet, somehow, the City manages to create an illusion of more roominess. Rest assured, both cars can comfortably accommodate four adult passengers, and squeezing in an additional passenger is possible, although not recommended for longer journeys. Perhaps it’s the clever design tricks at play by City’s designers. However, on the flip side, the City boasts the largest trunk space in its category, leaving the Yaris and even the Alsvin in the dust.

Noise proofing and insulation

When you hit the road in the City, you’ll immediately notice one thing: the sheer symphony of noise invading the cabin. It’s as if the outside world is determined to serenade you while you drive. Even pressing the horn feels like a delightful concert played right in front of your face, thanks to the car’s unbelievably bad insulation. And let’s not forget the wind crashing against the windshield and front bumper, creating its own unique symphony. However, when it comes to Yaris, it takes the cake. Driving the Yaris is like sitting next to the quietest kid in the class. The Yaris manages to keep the noise at bay, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful drive while leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind.

What is the fuel average of Honda City vs Toyota Yaris?

Both the Yaris and the City have been crafted as budget-friendly compact cars that excel in fuel efficiency without compromising on comfort. When it comes to engine power, the base models diverge. The Yaris boasts a 1300 CC engine, while the City settles for a 1200CC engine that leaves much to be desired. However, both cars share a 1500 CC engine for their top models. On paper, the engine power appears almost identical, but the City falls extremely short.

The real struggle is felt in the ‘pick’ of the City, particularly in the 0-60 km/hr range, where the passengers experience the limitations of its underpowered engine. Users have reported the City to perform well on highways but struggle in city traffic—a bit ironic considering the name of the car implies its suitability for urban driving. On the other hand, the Yaris has earned a reputation for handling both city and highway conditions with ease. In fact, it shines particularly on under-maintained roads, proving its resilience.

When it comes to mileage, both cars fall within the B-class sedan range. The City delivers a respectable 11 kilometers per liter on highways and 9 kilometers per liter on congested city roads. This is as opposed to the mileage mentioned officially by Honda. Meanwhile, the Yaris impresses with its superior mileage, offering 13 kilometers per liter on highways and 11 kilometers per liter within city limits.

Honda City vs Toyota Yaris Features

Airbags and controls

Yaris and City sport dual airbags, making them far safer to drive than their predecessors, which often had only a single airbag or none at all! Both cars sport 15-inch tires, but it’s the Yaris that has gained a reputation for being more stable and grippy on the road, thanks to its superior controls. It proudly features like Hill Start Assist Control, Traction Control, and Vehicle Stability Control—features that the City, unfortunately, seems to have neglected. These features are particularly handy when when encountering the infamous speed bumps and road craters that plague the streets of Pakistan.

The City’s suspension system has the uncanny ability to give you an unforgettable experience, one that could induce both migraines and unexpected bladder control issues. Speaking from personal experience of driving both cars from Lahore to Murree, I can confidently say that the City’s suspension alone is enough to cause injury without the need for an actual car crash.

Air Conditioning

When it comes to beating the heat, both cars offer excellent air conditioning systems tailored to combat Pakistan’s scorching summers. However, the City takes it a step further by offering additional rear air conditioning ventilation—a feature that the Yaris, unfortunately, lacks. So, while both cars will keep you cool, the City ensures that even your rear passengers can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Mud flaps

In the world of cars, where mud flaps have become a standard feature, the Toyota Yaris decides to go against the grain and remains the odd one out. It boldly forgoes factory-installed mud flaps, leaving it up to the user to have them installed later on. On the other hand, the Honda City spares its drivers this inconvenience. However, the absence of mud flaps in the Yaris doesn’t just leave its sleek exterior vulnerable to splashes of mud—it also poses a potential problem for the engine itself. This issue is magnified, particularly during the monsoon season when roads transform into muddy playgrounds. It’s a small detail, but one that can make a big difference in the long run.

Luxury features in City and Yaris

Both cars offer additional features in their top models, setting them apart from their base counterparts. The top variants of both the Yaris and the City boast eco mode and push start features. Eco mode allows for lower engine power output, optimizing fuel efficiency and ensuring that the car delivers impressive mileage. The City proudly showcases electric automatic retractable side mirrors, providing added convenience and style. And for those who enjoy the ease of long drives, the City even offers the option of cruise control—a luxury missing from the Yaris. Furthermore, the City also features a much larger multi-media screen than Yaris which is 2 inches larger than the later. The City Aspire model boasts a 9 inches screen as opposed to the 6.8 inches of Yaris. Both cars also feature climate control modes in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Which has cheaper spare parts Yaris or City

Now, let’s talk spare parts. The Yaris made its debut in early 2020, while the Honda City 6th Generation hit the market a bit later in 2021. Surprisingly, when the City was introduced to the Pakistani market in 2021, the Toyota Yaris still managed to emerge as the top-selling car of the year, outpacing even the combined sales of the Honda Civic and City.

Fast forward to March 2023, and the Toyota Yaris and Corolla continue to dominate the charts as the best-selling cars in the country, overshadowing the City and Civic together. The sheer number of Yaris produced and sold has resulted in an abundance of spare parts in the market, which inevitably drove prices down compared to City. For instance, as of July 2023, the rear bumper of the Honda City can cost up to 15,000 rupees, while the same part for the Yaris is a bargain at a maximum price of 9,000 rupees. Not only are Yaris spare parts easier to find, but they also come at a much more affordable price compared to the City.

Is the Honda City Better than the Toyota Yaris?

After carefully examining the features and performance of both the Honda City and the Toyota Yaris, it becomes evident that the Yaris emerges as the clear winner in this competition. While the City may boast a stylish interior design, the Yaris outshines it with superior stability and control on the road. The Yaris’s remarkable performance on under-maintained roads and its excellent fuel economy make it an excellent choice for people who want a bang for their buck in the long run, not mere aesthetics. Additionally, the Yaris’s affordability is further emphasized by the abundance of spare parts and the car’s price being lower than that of the City. So, it’s time to bid farewell to the City’s underpowered engine and insufficient features, and welcome the Yaris, the true champion of the B-class sedan class.