Do hard shell cases damage MacBook?

Do hard shell cases damage MacBook?

These hard shell cases by EooCoo perfectly fit the MacBook Air M2 and do not damage it.

Because I returned the M2 Air shortly after buying it, I do not have many pictures of the MacBook in it. However, I kept the case. Therefore, I have some photos of the hard shell on its own.

The hard shell case also came with a screen protector and a keyboard protector. I messed up the screen protector during application, so I ended up throwing that away. I still have the keyboard cover though.

Do hard shell cases damage MacBook?

M2 Air Keyboard Cover

The rubber keyboard cover that came with the EooCoo plastic case does not move while typing.

Does the Keyboard Cover block the MacBook’s black lit keyboard light?

The translucent space between the keys allows some of that backlight to shine through as well, giving it a nice aesthetic in the dark. The letters and numbers printed in each key however do not let any light through. Still, the keyboard cover’s job is to protect the keyboard from dust and wear and tear, which I think it does quite well.

Do hard shell cases damage MacBook?

It’s understandable that a plastic case can cause heat to get trapped inside the metal body of a MacBook, However, these better designed cases have vents for heat dissipation, so you should never have a problem with heat. I also did not have any problem with the case on the Macbook.

Screen Protectors however might be a problem due to that tiny added dimension that messes with the precision screen closing design of the MacBooks.

All in all, the hardshell case, screen protector, and keyboard cover are a pretty good package for the price. The M2 MackBook also fit comfortably into this leather sleeve with the hard shell on.

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