How to measure length or distance using an iPhone or iPad

Did you know that your iPhone has a built-in app that can be used to measure lengths with pretty good accuracy? The app is called Measure, and it can be found in the Utilities section of your iPhone.

iPhone iPad Measure
How to measure length with iPhone

Anyways, continue reading below to see how this app can be used to measure stuff. You can also watch the YouTube video here or at the end of this article which demonstrates the steps outline herein.

Step 1: Pick up iPhone and open Measure

Pick up your iPhone and open the measure app. The app may ask you to move around for calibration,

iPhone Measure
Open Measure App

Step 2: Enter length mode

Set the measure app to measuring lengths and dimensions instead of levels.

Step 3: Select first point

Use the target shown on the screen to select a point. This point is the starting point from where you will measure whatever it is you are measuring.

Select first point to measure

In this example, we will be measuring the length of a racket Stringing machine. Click here to learn more about racket stringing.

Step 4: Select Second Point

Use the target to select the second point. The distance between the first and second point is what you are measuring. The dimension would itself appear as you select the second point.

iPhone iPad Measure
Select second point to measure

In our example, the length of the racket Stringing machine is about 62 centimetres as marked by the ruler taped onto the machine.

The example length should be 62 centimetres

Step 5: Adjust points for accuracy

Adjust the location of the points by dragging the point to the desired location for better accuracy. In or example, the first point was slightly off the corner and we moved it so that it sits right on the corner.

Step 6: Note Measurement

The measurement between the first and second point is shown on the screen as 63 centimetres. Tapping on the dimension shows its value in inches and be copied to the clipboard.

The iphone measures 63cm
measure length with iphone
Measured dimensions can be displayed as inches and copied to clipboard

Watch the video on how to measure length using an iPhone or iPad

I hope this article was easy to follow and has taught you how to measure stuff using an iPhone. If you are using an iPad, the process is exactly the same.

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