New Restaurants to try in Lahore

If you are done with eating the same food over and over again, its time you try some new places. In this short post we note some new relatively new restaurants that have opened up around Lahore and are actually good. Click here to look at a overly attached goat.


This burger joint started somewhere new Girja Chowk in Cantt. After gaining some serious popularity, they now have a location at T block, where Jamin Java and OPTP used to be.

Their burgers are excellent. No these are not gourmet style burgers. These are those greasy burgers you get from a burger joint and eat without a care in the world.

Oak and Suede

For a high quality dining experience with high quality steaks, try Oak and Suede near Hussain Chowk in Gulberg. Its on the side of that Coffee Tea and Company Cafe. Also a pretty good place to go for a casual lunch.

Dan Dan

This is a great new Asian restaurant near MM Alam road. In that same street as iHOP, Jesses and Sumo. Their hotpot experience is spot on, and their Dan Dan Chicken is a personal favorite.

Ox and Grill

New Restaurants in Lahore

As a response to Howdy and Gun Smoke, this new place offers decent gourmet burgers and variety of steaks. Great for casual hangouts and getting a filling meal at a reasonable price. In addition to burgers and steaks, there’s a good variety of mexican foods too such as chimichangas, fajitas, and nachos. This place is in the street that comes just before Howdy and after Freddy’s if you are going from Hussain Chowk towards College Road.


Right in front of Karachi BBQ in DHA, from where we get our favorite chicken handi, is a little place called Thali. The name is derived from, well, Thalis, which is how they serve a platter of various dishes.

However, the nice thing about this restaurant is that you actually get some staple home style foods from here such as daal chawal, vegetable saalans, qormas, and roti. There are a bunch of thalis that come with these home-ish items. Highly recommended if you want home food but still want to eat outside.

Those are some new restaurants to try in Lahore. Will be adding more as more is eaten and discovered.

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